Saturday, March 1, 2008

Word War II Voice

George Bruce Littlepage (27 Dec 1922 - 18 Aug 1942)
He was a crew member on a plane that disappeared 18 August 1942, during World War II. He was stationed out of San Francisco with the Navy when he disappeared and when he wrote the following letter to his mother. She would have received this letter after she'd been notified of his disappearance.

Aug 17, 1942
Dearest Mother and all,
I got your registered letter a little while ago. You wrote it July 26 (Thurs). That shows how good the mailing system is here. I received your other registered letter about a week ago. The ones that had Emery's letter in it.
No Mother I don't believe that I can get transfered to where Emery is. You can hardly get a transfer any place now. And it will be harder to get a transfer from the Aviation Branch back to General Service. But there is nothing like trying and the first chance I get I am going to find out about it. I am hoping that I can get it.
Golly Mother Emery sure is dark in the picture you sent me. He looks as if he stayed out in the sun for about 2 months. Mother you remember the pictures I sent? You ask what was the matter with my lips. Well they were a little chap[p]ed. We have to stay out in the sun all day and we are always behind a prop and the wind really does get you. But we don't mind it. I believe that they were about the best picture I ever had mad[e]. I started to have one of them enlarged but I didn't have time.
So Emery got four days in the brig on bread and water. Well I got it on him. I've been in almost two years and I haven't [been] on report. Much less in the Brig and I've never been overleave.
Well Mother I guess I will close as it is chow time.
With Love and Kisses
Your Loving Son

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