Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've made it to the playroom

VHS tapes galore. All those old Disney VHS movies from when my kids were small. I guess I'll call Goodwill and see if people are even interested in those. All those happy meal toys. How many cute little butterfly hair clips could one girl own? A box of wallets and makeup holder bags. Old cassette players. More stuffed bears and stuffed bunnies. They're so cute. I hope someone will enjoy those. We got rid of all the teenage mutant ninja turtles, transformers, GI Joe's and Star War things a few years ago. Now it's mostly girl stuff from the last one to leave home - Barbies (which she wants); Polly Pockets (which she wants); all the pretend play food and dishes; old jewelry; ribbons; clothes; shoes.... eventually I'll dig my way out of this room... sigggggghhhhhhhh.