Monday, December 10, 2007

A Beginning

The year is coming to an end, but maybe that's a good time to think about beginnings rather than endings. I have a few things on my plate other than getting the holiday things together. The college kid will be home soon, along with the boyfriend who broke his leg last night; the wandering son will be trail walking in Arizona, and our oldest son will be with his wife and children in St Louis. It will be a really small Christmas. At this stage, do I put out the Christmas tree and all the decorations? I'm leaning toward no, since the family Christmas party will be held at my nieces this year, since she just had a baby (and has a 2 year old and an 8 year old), and an abundance of baby beds would make her life easier. I think the college kid would want to have them up, so maybe I'll let her put them up when she gets home!!

I have to do a "How to Get Started in Genealogy" PowerPoint presentation for February. I like things that make me organize my thoughts. My daughter is showing an interest in genealogy, so this will be a "twofer". I can do this with her in mind, while training our community.

I don't know how this blog will progress. I see it as a site for my random thoughts, but will probably post things that I think will help genealogists too. Comments are welcome.

I've signed up for a class at Samford University in Birmingham for June in their IGHR genealogy offerings. That should be fun. My mother-in-law will ride with me and visit her other son and a bunch of her grandchildren (and great grandchildren) while in Birmingham (another "twofer"!) We have our monthly PAF Meetings in Memphis and I'm involved in some happenings with the Tennessee Genealogical Society. That should do it for now.

Just heard from the college kid. The boyfriend has to have surgery on that broken leg, so he'll be heading back to Canada with his parents, instead of to our house. Makes for an even smaller Christmas.