Sunday, May 26, 2013

Miscellaneous Documents Pages 140-150

A continuation of the records found at the end of the Lyon County Lunatic Record Microfilm. A link to these pages 140-150 is here:

Names and companies listed on these pages are as follows:

Page 140 Bill of Sale; Names and companies listed:  J H Turner, Ozark Cooperage & Lumber Comopany, G B Jefferson, ? G Brasswell, T A Braswell.
Page 141-143 Lease; Names and companies listed: M C Gray, W A Sexton, C H Linn, Kuttawa Commercial [Club?], Oho? Fowler, Nelly? Anderson, Bartley Skinner?, Charles Anderson, N O Gray, J G Charley, G A Braswell.
Page 144-145 Timber/Saw Mill lease; Names and companies listed: Burl Gray, Susan F Gray, R T Gray, F G Banister, Floyd Thrope, Jennie Holland, W S Brandon, Jos Kelley, Martin Faughn, Dave Williamson, C N Williamson, Burl (or Bart) Gray, Sarah F Gray, G A Braswell.
Page 146-148 Lien release;  Names and companies listed:  First Bank and Trust Company, W J Cochran, H R Aistharpe, T A Braswell, T Clara McDonald
Page 149-150  Power of Attorney; Names and companies listed: Mrs S L McElray, Samuel P McElrey, T A Braswell, Mrs. Fannie A Kaan?, C S McElray, N J Byrd.