Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miscellaneous Documents Pages 100-109

What I learned from this set of pages:  In 1917, you could buy computing scales from one company for $165; another scale (type not specified) from another company for $185; a cash register for $65 and a piano for $125.  You can view this set of pages here:

Names and companies listed on this set of pages:

Page 100 Purchase of cash register contract;  Names and companies listed:  The National Cash Register Company, R. M. Dunn Jr, H. L. Kuykendall, W. M. Baird, E. Ezell Lackey, W. H. Rogers.
Page 101; Power of Attorney, Names listed:  Nannie Mize, J. Y. Mize, W. H. Rogers, Joe B. Frank(?), Owen G. Withers, A. B. Furlow.
Page 102;  Power of Attorney; Names Listed:  Luther C. Duke, L. C. Robertson, O. C. Catlett, E. H. James, James F. Ramey, W. H. Rogers,
Page 103,  Deed of Release and Power of Attorney; Names listed:   Mrs. Addie M. Holmes, W. C. Holmes, U. S. King, Albert E. Ewing, Chas. L. Tubb, W. H. Rogers.
Page 104, Purchase/Loan contract for a piano;  Names and companies listed:  Adler Manufacturing Company, W. J. Martin, J. M. Smith, W. N. Cummins, W. H. Rogers.
Page 105 & 106 & 107;  Purchase contract for computing scale;  Names and companies listed:  Moneyweight Scale Co., Campany Scale Co of America, R. M. Krane, H. C. Moore, A. M. Foreman, W. H. Rogers.
Page 108 & 109; Contract for scale; Names and companies listed:  Detroit Automatic Scale Co., W. M. Tandy Jr., W. H. Taugh, Eurie Garrett, P. O. Eckels, Mell Barns, W. H. Rogers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Miscellaneous Documents Pages 90-99

School finally slowed down enough to post the next ten pages of the documents found at the end of the Lyon County Kentucky Insanity Records Microfilm.  You can find these ten scanned pages here:  and a listing of names mentioned below:

Page 90 Power of Attorney; Names and companies listed:  D. T. Byard, Fredonia Valley Bank, J. M. Smith, J. P. Reed, N. J. Byard, W. H. Rogers.
Page 91 Release of lien;  Names listed: Maggie Marshall, N. E. Jones, E. D. Marshall, C. C. Molloy, W. H. Rogers.
Page 92  Power of Attorney;  Names and companies listed:  Bank of Birmingham, M. B. Nickell, Sula T. Nickell, C. T. Hill, J. A. Mayberry, G. T. Hill, First National Bank at Linden Tenn., M. R. Cox, Bert Roach, Jno. H. Churchwell, W. B. Smith, W. H. Rogers.
Page 93  Power of Attorney; Names and companies listed:  Mrs. Annie Eades Collins, Annie L. Eades, T. B. Collins, Wm. Eades, Mrs. M. H. Puryear, M. H. Puryear, D. P. Tays, Tate B. Collins, Nevins Arnold, W. H. Rogers.
Page 94 Power of Attorney; Names and companies listed:  Mrs. M. H. Puryear, M. H. Puryear, Wm. Eades, Miss Annie L. Eades, D. P. Tays, E. H. Puryear, W. H. Rogers.
Page 95 Release of Lien;  Names listed:  Miss Gusta Moreland, M. L. Moreland, J. R. Baldwin, James Hunter, W. N. Rogers, M. L. Hall.
Page 96  Power of Attorney for land transfer and subsequent revocation of Power of Attorney by Ed Gaines;  Names listed:  N. R. Gaines, Ed Gaines, W. T. Gaines, Alice M. Gaines, C. H. McDonald, W. L. Kirtland, W. H. Rogers, T. A. Braswell.
Page 97  Deed of Release; Names and Companies listed:   Commonwealth Life Insurance Company, Ernest Lyon, Nannie Elizabeth Lyon, Pirtle Creek, F. H. Skinner, R. E. Walker, Shelby line, J. D. Powers, Helen Blend, W. H. Rogers.
Page 98  Power of Attorney;  Names listed:  M. C. Unselt, M. C. Dulaney, Jim Smith, Jno. P. Reed, Mrs. M. C. Dulaney, W. J. Pierce, W. H. Rogers.
Page 99  Power of Attorney;  Companies and names listed:  Dan Brooks, F. H. Goodridge, firm of Bourne, Narpe, Brooks & Company, J. M. Smith, J. F. Reed, Jno. D. Melter, W. H. Rogers.