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First pass at a transcription of the miscellaneous index

The following is a quick transcription of the index pages I posted earlier today for the Miscellaneous Documents found at the end of the Insanity Record Microfilm.  I'm sure I could resolve most of my question marks by going to the actual page mentioned in the index, but I wanted to put this out here quickly.  Don't think that the only names mentioned on the document pages are the ones mentioned in the index.  One has a wife renouncing the will of her deceased husband, and there are names and death dates on the actual page.  Other people are mentioned as members of companies or as spouses.  When I post the scanned pages, if I have time, I might post names mentioned in each page as it's posted, but school starts again Wednesday, so time will become very short until June.  Remember the actual scanned index pages are available at:  and I'll be posting the actual document pages referenced in the index over the next few weeks.

Index A
Articles of Incorporation of Kuttawa Ferry Association 4
Articles of Incorporation Barnett Ramey & Co 9
Articles of Incorporation Kuttawa Ice Co 17
Ayer  Lord Tie Company. Timber Brands 18
American Surety Company Power Atty to M P Malloy 34 (134?)
Same 130
Applegate Stacey L Power of Attorney to G R Whittington 181
Anderson Miss Kitty Power of Att. to G R Whittington 182
Applegate Stacey L pow. att. W L Beaver 20
American Surety Co Power of Atty to M P Malloy 327-331
Anderson, Roy - Bill of Sale R S Mason 483
1916 Articles of Incorporation First State Bank

Index A1
Adler Manufacturing Co to W J Martin 104
American Surety Co Limited P Att to M P Malloy 126
AmericanSurety Co Power of Attorney M P Malloy 130
Same Same 134
Anderson Miss Kittye to Hillman Land & Tran Co 234

Index B
Bird, H.C., Power Attorney 17
Byrd, C.N. to M. P. Molloy Power of Attorney 30
Braswell,  T A Power of Attorney Power of att McElroy 149
Same 166 from Princeton Nat Bank
Same 198 Nellie P McGregor
Same 199 from W C Rice
Same 221 A N Springs
Same First National Bank 275
Braswell, T A Power of Atty Union Central Life Insurance 307
Same from First National Bank 309
Same Trigg County Farmers Bank 336
Same First National Bank 338
Bell Kay? Oil Lease to N. O. Gray 434
Bougheis? A K?. M.P. Molloy Power of Atty Marion Bank 477

Index B1
D. Brooks & F H Goodrich, Power of atty from J M Smith 99
Bu?? Farrell M??? Co to Baerraugh ??? (note from Debbie:  intentionally marked out??)
Bank of Br???? Power of attorney to County Court Clerk 92
Braswell, T.A. Power of Attorney W J Cochran 169
Braswell, T.A. Power of Attorney Ed Garrett First National Bank 222
Braswell, T.A. Power of Attorney from H. W. Tatte? 272
Braswell, T.A. from Fredonia Valley Bank 285
Brasher, Mrs. J C to J C Braswell
Bugg, T.A. Administration of J S Bugg dec'd to
T. A. Braswell Page 281
Braswell, T. A. Pow of Att, for Johnson, Richard & C 352
Same Union C?? Life Insurance Co Page 372
Bond Brothers - Agreement Page 409
Browning Mrs. C N? Oil lease from N O Gray? Page 4?
Braswell, T. A. Pow of Atty from Mary Louise Skinner 370

(note from Debbie: facing page)
Baer B from Frank Tanner 4
Burraughs Adding Machine Co from F Tanner Page 123
Burroughs Adding Machine Co. From A J Manley? 170
" ' ' from Carden Bros 314

Index C
Cosby Abe Power of Atty to W? G? Cosby page 358
Russell W Champion ??? 358 ???
Porter E Champion ??? 360 ???

Index C1
Chrisman N.L For J. M. Holland Lien 21
Col? Sarah R to Ayer Lord Tie Company 22
Curtis, Mrs. M.E. Maye to U S King power of atatorney 31
Cattlett Sally P ? Cumberland Tel? & Tel? Co 61
Crumpaugh L? W. E. " " " 66
Cox, M.R. power of attorney to W H Roger, clerk 92
Collins, T.B., Annie E Power of Attorney to Wm Eades 93
Commonwealth Life Insurance Co. Deed of Release Ernest Lyon ??97
" " " " Mrs. E M Gray & Husband 130?
Commonwealth Life Insurance Co Deed of Release. Miss Beulah Herring 125
Coleman Ida N? Power of atatorney to M P Molloy 89
Commonwealth Life Insurance Co Deed of Release
  S R Glenn ?Gray 151
Commonwealth Life Insurance Co Power Attorney
  to M.P. Molloy 153
Commonwealth Life Insurance Co James ? Ramey 159
Cotton Clara Wallis and husband contract to  D Helfriely? 206
Commonwealth Life Ins Co to Hugh? ? Lyon & wife 278
Cash ???luk and Sam G ??? ??? to U.S. King 393
Conley Mrs Alice Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 428
Curtis, J.E. Relinguishment of dower etc Mary E Curtis 480
Champion, Russell H D???? 358

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
Commonwealth of United States from Henden? W Lander 14-15-16
Cumberland Tel & Tel Co from Mrs Sally P Catlett 61
Same Same 22
Corporation of First National Bank, Eddyville, Ky 68
Cumberland Electric Co (articles of incorporation) Kuttawa Ky 72
Chicag St Louis & W.O.R.R. Co John Jordan  85

Index D
Dycus G Leland 367
Dycus, Bennett George 368
Duff McKinley Cashmann? 369

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
Dunn R.M. Jr from National Cash Register Co 100
District Automatic Scale Co Scillian??  ??? ??? 111
Duncan D M? and Susan Jones Lease? 184
Duncan W?? - lease from Elenar Hutchinson 182?-189
Doom ??? ???? 191
Dunn R.M. Sr and ???? Safco Company 374

Index D1
Davenport Locomotive Works Abe McGavask? 42
Daniel N K 54
DuBois Son & Co from Henry Martin & Co 76?
Dunn R.M. Jr contract to Nat. Cash Register Co 100
Detroit Automatic Scale Co to W H Tandy Jr 108
Duk? L C release of Power of atty L C Robertson102
Davis, Barney Power of atty from Mrs. M J? Bates page 118
Duncan Clara husband power of attorney to M P Molloy 87

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
Eddyville Traction Co, Incorporation 12
Evans, J G to U S King Power of ATtorney 32
Eadis, Wm or? N.W. Power of " 47 - 48
Esselslyn? J N? from Hillman Land & Iron Co 56
Eades Wm power of attorney from T B & Annie Collins 93
Eades Wm power of attorney from Mr & Mrs M H Puryear 94

Index E-F
Eddyville Furniture & Nord??king Co Partners E Z Greshamand Capitola Glenn In Box X

[note from Debbie:  Facing page]
First National Bank from Southern Trust Co 29
Fulks Mrs Docia & c Contract 53
Fulks H G to M M Fulks & c 62
Fredonia Valley Bank P. Atty to J M? Smith 90
First National Bank Princeton P. Atty to T.A. Braswell 243
" " " T.A Braswell 263
Fitts John Oil Lease to N O Gray 426
First Nat'l Bank, Power of Atty to T A Braswell 473
" " " 482
1915 First State Bank Articles of Inc 68

Error slide that the stating that the D/E and E/F index pages were rescanned.

Repeat of D/E and E/F index pages

Index F-G
Fulks, B.L. from W.P. Gillihan 1
First National Bank to N??ling? 32
Same to Same 35
Same to same 36
Same to same 74
First National Bank of Princeton Ky 40
First " " " 40
" " " 59
" " " 79
Farmers National Bank Power of Atty to W H Rogers 115
First " " " " " "   114
First National Bank Power of attorney to W H Rogers Page 136
Fuqua Liza Power of Attorney to W H Rogers Page 137
Fidelity and Guaranty Co Power of attorney N W Utley 138
Fredonia Valley Bank to T A Braswell 285
Fredonia Valley Bank to J M Smith 90
Freeman J E Oil lease to N.O. Gray 419
Freeman George Oil Lease to N O Gray 431

[note from Debbie: facing page]
Glenn, S R from Mrs. F A Gresham 38
Gresham E L Engaged in business in the certificate? box X [this name tied together with the next name]
Glenn Capitola name of Eddyville fun.? & undertaking
Gray J.C. to A A Gray 59
Gaines Ed & H.R. power of attorney to W T Gaines 96
Gray Em Mrs & husband from Commonwealth Life Insurance Co 121
Glenn S.R. from Commonwealth Life Insurance Co Deed of release
Gray N.C. to Suwanee Ti?? Co 255? [note from Debbie:  this might be 25 with the second 5 being the page number for the previous line]
Gray N.O. statement 335
Gray N.O. Oil Lease to L.S. King 466
Gray N.O. Oil Lease to L.S. King 468

Index G-H
Gillihan W.P. to B.L. Fulks 1
Gray NO. & W.A. Suter to C.H. Trim?? 3
Gray T.P. & Cal Young contract 20
Glass Mrs Julia executrix of will of W T Glass 26-27
Gresham Mrs F A to S.K? Glenn 38
Garrett Edward Power of attorney 81
Glenn S.R. & Molloy agreement page 83
Gains? H R Power of attorney to W T Gaines? 96
Gray Bart contract 144
Gra??m? Gas & Aikers deed of release? T.C. Railroad Company 162
Gray N.O. " Edd Reynald & co? 223
Graves J A? Admr of M.J. Mitchell to T.A. Braswell 241
Greer to Molloy Power of attorney 364
Greyory? and wife Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 379
Gray Effie M and N.O. Oil Lease to L S King 415
Gray Roy ?? to N.O. Gray Oil Lease 418
Glass Mrs. Julia Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 460

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
Holland J.M. from N.L. Chrisman lien 21
Holland Mary T agent for H.C. Stevens 28?
Hunter Mary B Hunter from D B Hunter 28
Herring Beaulah from Commonwealth Life Insurance Company 135? [or is it 25?]
Hanberry T L power atty from Marland Causity? Company 132
Hutchinson Elmore - lease to ??odell Duncan 185-189
Hillman Land & Tran Co from Miss Kittye Anderson 234
Holland J.M. & Co article of Corport? 267
Hunter Admn Sold & release 365
Herring Bulah L First National Bank T A Braswell P of Att 412
Hawkins Mrs Ed Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 444
Hall Mrs Minda? Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 448
Hall George W Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 454
Hawkins Larkin Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 464

Index H
Hillman Land and Iron Co to J N Esselslyn 56
Holmes Mrs Addie & husband release of Power of Atty 103
Hillman Land & Tran Company contract Ozark Cooperage & Lumber 129
Hanbery T T revocation of P. Atty Marland? Casualty Co 119
Hall from Parrett? (note) 169
Hanks F.L. to Starr Piance? Company 281
Hammonds? E?mich? to N.O. Gray Oil Lease 386
Holland to Gray Oil Lease 398
Holland N O Gray 401
Holloway Dick N.O. Gray Oil Lease 407
Holloway J.W. Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 430
Holt, Sidney and wife Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 452 (454?)

Index I
I.C.R.R.Co to Ozark Cooperage and Lumber Co 295

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
International Harvester Co Page 60
I.C.R.R. Co from J N Ke??t? 80
same from John Jordan 85
same from Gus Gra?ms & c 162
I.C.R.R. Co to W E Crumbaugh and Co 317

Index J
Jones W.B. to East Tenn. Tel Co 2
James E.H? Barker J.T.
Jones W.B ? Cumberland Tel & Tel Co 77
Jones John to N.O. Gray Page 240
Jones Sam? Lease? W.W. G???m 184
Jackson C.W. & c to J.M. ????? - Power of attorney 305
Jones John Bond by American Surety Company 340? (or 349?)
Jones Robert S bond by American Surety Comp 331
Johnson Richard & c Pow Att T.A. Braswell 362 (352?)

Index J-K
Jordan J??  ICRR Co 85
Janis James Suwanee Iron Co 246

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
Knoth Herman from First National Bank P? 32
King U.S. Power of attorney 45
King U.S. from Levi Sexton
(crossed out:  Keeney, Bessie Mrs)
Kuttawa Milling Co Artic of Incorporation 65
King U.S. to R.E. Butler 70
same Power of attorney 79
Kevil G. U. to ICRR Co & C. St L & N.W. RR Co 80
Kuttawa Hardware Co articles of incorporation 204

Index K-L
King U.S. Power of Atty from National Surity Co Page 5
King U S Power of atty from Madie E? McCollum Page 19
King U.S. " from Cassandra Palsgrove 25
King " " " from Mrs M.E. Mays Curtis 31
" " from J.E. Evans 32
" " from H? Edward Rice 50
Keeney Bessie Mrs to Howard Prescott & c 55
King U.S. power of attorney from M.S. Moreland 95
Kivil? R.U. & son power of atty from W H Rogers Page 117 (or 119?)

[note from Debbie:  facing page)
Lander, Helen, Watkins to Commonwealth of United States 14-15
Luton? America Jane to Dewilt C Luton 39
Lyon, Ernest & c fromCommonwealth Life Insurance Co deed of release 97
Lease Kuttawa heading? mill 141
Lyon Hugh dec'd estate contract 216
Lyon, Maybele Pow. Att. of Frank Lyon 266
Lander R.S. and ??? Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 404
Lyon Coal Co ? Deed Book "V" ? pg 145

Index L-M
Linn Dr C H from N.O. Gray V?P? 3
(marked Martin ??? P)
Lester J.F. & J.I. to Ayer & Lord Tie Company C??? Page 341
Miller R J & c to T.A. Braswell Power of attorney page 347
Marshall ? H and wife Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 381
Molloy? M and wife Oil Lease to N.O. Gray 383
Milne? W.B. and wife oil lease ' ' 390
Marshall E.W.? and wife to Bond? Brothers Agreement Page 409

[note from Debbie:  Facing page]
Molloy, M.P. from C.N. Byrd Power of attorney 30
Martin, N.G. settlement 49
Molloy C.C. from D.A. Glenn Power of attorney 51
" " Eliza Williams & others " 52
Moneymaker Earl agreement 65
Morrison Wm to Am???land Tel & Tel Co 66
Murray M??? Works contract 73
Martin, Henry & Co to DuBois Son & Co 76
Marfly? William Power of attorney 81
Molly M.A. agreement with S.N. Gle??? 83
(crossed out Molloy C.C. from...)
Marshall, E.D from Mrs. Maggie Marshall 91
R.H. Krone from Moneywright scale co 105
Maryland Casualty Co revocation atty E G Hanberry 49
Mortans Bank & Trust co P. Atty to ? W. ??? 110?
Molloy M.P. Power Atty from American Surety Company 139
same same 130?
Malloy M.P. Power Atty from Commonwealth Life In
    surance Company Page 153
Moody C.W. contract from Reynold Bro 201
Maddox W & contract to Burroughs adding machine Co 311
Moneymaker J W oil lease to N.O. Gray  440

Index M
M.S. Moreland power of attorney to U.S. King 95
Moneywright Scale Co to R.H. Krone 105
Mize Mrs. Nannie & J Y Mize her husband Power of Atty to W.H. Rogers 101
Maryland Casualty Company P. Atty to Terry T Hanberry 132
Martin Grace T Pow of Att T.A. Braswell 176

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
McWaters, Ollie G Bond 19
Martin W.J. from Adler Manufacturing Co 104

Index M-N
McCollum, Madie ? to U.S. King power of atty page 19
McGavock, Alex to Walsh Construction Co 44
McLin? Bro's power atty to W.H. Magers?  116
1919 McCracken Chester R to N.O. Gray Oil Lease Page 414
" M.C. Nickell ???? Pg 481
1920 McNeal Blanche to T.A. Braswell power of attorney 484

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
National Cash Register Co contract from R.M. Dunn Jr
National Cash Register Co contract from M.P.Pool 156
National Cash Register Co contract from Dunn and Gregory 471

Index N-O
National Surety Co Power of Atty to U.S. King 5?
National Cash Register Co to R.M. Dunn Jr 100

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
National Cash Register contract from R.M. Dunn Jr 100
Oliver A.H. contract to E.O Jackson 177
Ozark Cooperage Co contract from Anton? Emberger 179
" from G.E. Lady 196
Oliver W.H. and wife OIl lease to N.O. Gray 371
Olver C.T. oil lease to N.O. Gray 424
Oliver P.H. oil lease to N.O. Gray 426
Oliver O.T. oil lease to N.O. Gray 442
Oliver Levi Oiil lease to N.O. Gray 446

Index P
Paine E.H. power of attorney to U.S. King 441
Parker J.T.  E.H. James
Puryear M.H. & wife power of attorney to Wm Eades 94
Pool M.P.  National Cash Register Co 126?
Pepper A. Charley power of att to Wm Parker? 190
Porter J.F. M.P. Molloy Pow of att. 356

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
Power of Attorney Ayer Lord Tie Co 10
" Mortens Bank & Trust Co 20
Power of Attorney (Beldays???) U.S. King 25
Power of Atty to J.M. Smith 46
Prescott, Howard &c from Bessie Keeney? 55

Index R
Ramey A.C. agreement page 58
Ray? W.B on Deed of Release to S T Riley 82
Rogers M.H. power of atty from Mrs Nannie and J.? Mize 101
Reynolds Ed & Charlie N.O. Gray 123?
Ramey J.T.  to Ayer and lord Tie Company Conts P. 310?
John Robertson ?? Ray 360?
Reed, Logan Survey of land map 479

Index R-S
Rogers W.H. power of attorney from M.R. Cox page 92 ??
Rogers W.H. power of atty from Farmers National Bank 116
Rogers W.H. power of atty from First National Bank 119
' ' R.U. Kivel? & son 119
" " " McLinn Brothers 116
Rogers W.H. Power of attorney from First National Bank Page 136 Princeton
Rogers W.H. Power of attorney " Lige Fuqua Page 137
Reed J.H. power of attorney to P L Reed page 56

[note from Debbie:  facing page]
Smith J.M. power of atty from J.P. White 46
(crossed out: Sexton, Levi)
Skinner, Bartley & c incorporation notice 57
Smith F.W. to J.M. Smith 71
Seillian?? Oliver & Co contract to Detroit Automatic Scale Co 111?
Skinner Barkley & c deed of release to J.P. Reed &c 193
Sexton Geo D contract to National Cash Register Co 213
" " " 212
Suwanee Iron Co from Janis John 246
Stovall, J.J. oil lease to N.O. Gray 458
Scott David oil lease to N.O. Gray 462
Skinner? T.C. & wife Pow of att Whittington All? 470
Scillian E.R. contract to National Cash Reg 470
Skinner Barkley power of atty from Belle A Skinner 474

Index S
Serens? H.? to Mary T. Holland 24
Southern Trust Co to First National Bank 29
Sexton, levi to U.S. King 57

[note from Debbie: facing page]
Smith, Jim Power of atty from M.C. Unselt? 98
Smith J.M. " " D. Brooks & F.H. Goodrich 99

Index T
Tanner Frank to B Baer 4
The Union Central Life Ins Co to County Court Clerk 33
same same 34
Tanner + to Burraugh Adding Machine Co 123
Turner J.H. contract Ozark Cooperate Lumber Co 140
Talley J.M. oil lease to N.O. Gray 410
Thomas Frank oil lease to N.O. Gray 420

[facing page:]
Tandy W.H. Jr from Detroit automatic scale co 108
(crossed out: Burroughs Adding Co F. Tanner 123

Index U
M.C. Unselt, power of attorney to jim SMith page 98
M.S. Fidelity Guaranty Co P. atty to N.W. Utley 138
The Union ?? Life Ins Co P. ataty T.A. Braswell 372?

[facing page]
Utley N.W. power atty ?? U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co Page 438

Index W
Winters, Marie Bond 13
Walsh Construction Co from Alex McGavock 44
Waddel Adeline Renunciation of will 88
Withers Q.G? to Liquic Carbonic Co 173
Whittington A.P. Power of Atty for Stacey P Applegate 181
Whitting A.P. Power of Att from Miss Kitty Anderson 182
Williams Henry oil lease to N.O. Gray 436
Williams Willie oil lease to N.O. Gray 438
Wilson heirs - Care? of Land 478
Wallace, Jon to Mason? R S Bill of SAle 483

Index W1
Williamson S.M. and Company power of attorney to C C Molloy Page 128
Walls? R.W. P atty from M?? Bank & Trust 110

Index Y
Young, Cal  & T.P. Gray contract 90

Correction Page

Repeat of Previous index Y page.

Finally posting images of miscellaneous records

Doesn't seem like it's been three years since I posted the transcripts of the Lyon County Lunatic/Insanity records.  Time flies. I discovered, at the end of that process, that there were about 284 non lunatic (miscellaneous) records at the end of the microfilm and I promised to post them.  Instead of transcribing them, I've scanned them all in and will be posting them as I "pretty them up".  I've posted the first 35 (mostly) double pages which contain the table of contents (which they call an index).  I posted them in the original resolution, so you should be able to download any pages that interest you.  The pages are already scanned, so it shouldn't take me long to clean up and post the pages a few at a time.  If there were any original pages from the previously transcribed insanity records records for which you'd like a copy, I have those scanned also and would be happy to email you whichever page(s) you'd like.  You can find the first of the scanned miscellaneous records here:

Happy New Year.