Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miscellaneous Documents Pages 100-109

What I learned from this set of pages:  In 1917, you could buy computing scales from one company for $165; another scale (type not specified) from another company for $185; a cash register for $65 and a piano for $125.  You can view this set of pages here:

Names and companies listed on this set of pages:

Page 100 Purchase of cash register contract;  Names and companies listed:  The National Cash Register Company, R. M. Dunn Jr, H. L. Kuykendall, W. M. Baird, E. Ezell Lackey, W. H. Rogers.
Page 101; Power of Attorney, Names listed:  Nannie Mize, J. Y. Mize, W. H. Rogers, Joe B. Frank(?), Owen G. Withers, A. B. Furlow.
Page 102;  Power of Attorney; Names Listed:  Luther C. Duke, L. C. Robertson, O. C. Catlett, E. H. James, James F. Ramey, W. H. Rogers,
Page 103,  Deed of Release and Power of Attorney; Names listed:   Mrs. Addie M. Holmes, W. C. Holmes, U. S. King, Albert E. Ewing, Chas. L. Tubb, W. H. Rogers.
Page 104, Purchase/Loan contract for a piano;  Names and companies listed:  Adler Manufacturing Company, W. J. Martin, J. M. Smith, W. N. Cummins, W. H. Rogers.
Page 105 & 106 & 107;  Purchase contract for computing scale;  Names and companies listed:  Moneyweight Scale Co., Campany Scale Co of America, R. M. Krane, H. C. Moore, A. M. Foreman, W. H. Rogers.
Page 108 & 109; Contract for scale; Names and companies listed:  Detroit Automatic Scale Co., W. M. Tandy Jr., W. H. Taugh, Eurie Garrett, P. O. Eckels, Mell Barns, W. H. Rogers.

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