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Daniel Atchley (father of Amos R) Search Part I

Writing this has been a VERY good exercise. It makes you analyze the PROOF you actually have.

I KNOW that Daniel is the father of Amos by the following:

Starting with my husband, his father was Doyle Atchley, his father was Irvin Harrison Atchley.
Those two people are contemporary people and known by my husband and his family and I have supporting birth, death and census records showing them together, along with siblings.

Irvin Harrison Atchley was born in Grant County Arkansas in 1888 and died in Bowie County Texas in 1959.

1920 Precinct 3, District 15 Bowie County TX Census
534 346 Atchley I. H. head m w 32 m AR AR AR
, Ruby wife f w 26 m TX AR TX
, Oren son m w 8 s TX AR TX
, Minnie dau f w 4 s TX AR TX
, Wilbur son m w 2 s TX AR TX

1930 Precinct 2, District 15, Bowie, Texas Census
197 206 Atchley, Irvin H head m w 42 m 23 AR AR AR
, Ruby L wife f w 36 m 17 TX AR TX
, Oren S? son m w 18 s TX AR TX
, Minnie O dau f w 15 s TX AR TX
, Wilbur B son m w 12 s TX AR TX
, Doyle E son m w 5 s TX AR TX
, Max R son m w 7/12 TX AR TX

Daniel’s dad was Harlston Reed Atchley, (1852-1920). Harlston was born in AR and died in Bowie County Texas. He’s buried in College Hill Cemetery in Bowie County.

I didn’t find Irvin in the 1910 census records, but found him in 1900 in Grant county AR. This gives Harlston Atchley as the father of Irvin.

1900 Calvert, Grant County, AR Census
159 161 Atchley, Harlston head w m Oct 1852 47 M 20 AR TN TN
, Clara A wife w f Oct 1832 47 M 20 11-8 AR AR AR
, Clara dau w f Sept 1884 15 S AR AR AR
, Roy son w m May 1886 14 S AR AR AR
, Irvin son w m Jan 1888 12 S AR AR AR
, Eva dau w f May 1890 10 S AR AR AR
, Ila(?) dau w f Jun 1892 8 S AR AR AR
, Fred son w m Apr 1894 6 S AR AR AR
, Cora dau w f May 1896 4 S AR AR AR
, Lewis son w m Dec 1898 1 S AR AR AR

I then went back to the 1910 census, looking for Harlston, and found that Irvin was not in the household in 1910.

1910 4-Pct, District 19 Bowie County Texas Census
15 16 Atchley, Harlston R head m w 47 m1 30 AR TN TN farmer
, Clara A wife f w 47 m1 30 14 10 AR AR AR
, Roy R son m w 23 s AR AR AR
, Eva J dau f w 19 s AR AR AR
, Ila J dau f w 18 s AR AR AR
, Fred E son m w 15 s AR AR AR
, Cora A dau f w 13 s AR AR AR
, Louie A son m w 11 s AR AR AR
, Luther W son m w 8 s AR AR AR
, Arthur H son m w 8 s AR AR AR

Harlston was married in 1879, so I found him with his new wife in the 1880 census in Grant County AR:

1880 Calvert, Grant County, AR Census
Atchley, H.R. w m 28 farmer AR TN TN
, Alice w f 18 wife AR MS GA
Gentry, William w m 24 bro-in-law AR AL? NC

I find Harlston living with his brothers in 1850 and 1860. Harlston was only 8 years old in 1860, so he doesn’t appear in the 1850 census. His father, Amos R Atchley, died in 1859 in Grant County Arkansas. I find these same brothers of Harlston living with Amos and his wife in the 1850 census:

1850 Saline Co AR Census
166 182 Amos R Atchley 38 M Farmer (shows marriage as 1831) born TN
Angeline 39 F TN
Daniel W 18 M TN
Clayborn 15 M TN
William 13 M TN
Seth 11 M TN
James 9 M TN
Lucinda 7 F TN
Standifer N 1 M AR

1860 Franklin, Saline County, Arkansas Census
219 219 Daniel W Atchley 25 M Farmer 80 500 TN
, William 21 M farmer TN
, Seth 20 M farmer TN
, Stanford 11 M AR
, Harlston 9 M AR
, Lucinda 16 F AR

1870 Darysaw, Grant County Arkansas Census
67 58 Atchley, Seth L 29 m w farmer 140 190 TN
, Melisa 24 f w Keeping House AL
, Mary A 1 f w AR
, Daniel L 5/12 m w April
, Harlston 17 m w at school AR

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