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Daniel Atchley (father of Amos R) Search Part II

I don’t see any Atchley’s in the census records of Arkansas before the 1850 census, however, a few land records were recorded per the Bureau of Land Management Site (images of original records):

ATCHLEY, DANIEL AR Lee 2/26/1825 Arkansas 25710 AR3010__.269
ATCHLEY, JOSEPH AR Lonoke 5/31/1825 Arkansas 23787 AR3010__.315
ATCHLEY, SETH AR Grant 11/1/1848 Little Rock 4837 AR0100__.139

Per the land documents, Daniel and Joseph were granted land for service in the War of 1812. Daniel was a private in B??’s Company of the 7th Regiment of Infantry. Joseph was a private in Twigg’s Company of the 7th Regiment of Infantry. Each was awarded 160 acres. I learned that the land grants for the War of 1812 were in Arkansas, Illinois and Missouri.

Seth is a brother to Amos. This is proven by the wonderful find of a Court Record, Case #278 in Sevier County TN from 1874. Daniel, a brother of Amos died in 1861. His wife died in 1872. After her death, the property in Tennessee belonging to Daniel (the brother of Amos) was to be disposed of, as the couple had no children. A list of the siblings and where they currently lived was in this document. It lists Seth, and the fact that he was living in Arkansas and it mentions Amos, as deceased. A transcription of this document is posted in a previous entry for this blog.

What we have to give us the name of Daniel Atchley as the father of Amos and Seth is a diary/autobiographical sketch written by the Rev. Robert C Atchley, a son of Seth. In this diary, Robert states that his maternal grandfather was Edward Calvert and his paternal grandfather, Daniel Atchley, was born and raised in New Jersey and his paternal grandmother was born and raised in South Carolina and her maiden name was Mary Russel. Robert also states that he was born in Calvert Township in Saline County Arkansas (now part of Grant County) on 26 Sep 1839 and that his father, Seth, and his maternal grandfather, Edward Calvert settled on “what is now known as the Dr. Richard C Rhodes place” in the fall of 1838. He states that his father was born and raised in Sevier County TN. He goes on to tell more about his Calvert ancestors. We then search for a marriage of a Mary Russel to an Atchley.

Joseph and Daniel were granted their land, but Seth purchased his land in 1848. What happened to the grant. If I can connect the known siblings or descendants of Amos and Seth to the land granted to Daniel in Arkansas in 1825, maybe I can make a case for a relationship. Other Atchley’s from Eastern Tennessee (they’re all related a few generations back) moved to Missouri and into Northern Arkansas. Some of them were also named Seth and Claiborn and Daniel, just like OUR Arkansas group. Now the fun starts.

I’ve been looking for rosters of Tennessee men in the War of 1812. I can’t find any online, so I’m going to run to the library and make some calls. I found information on a Joseph Atchley, who is probably the brother of Daniel (out and out speculation). I found his will in Rhea County TN (same area that our known Atchleys were in), and I found DAR papers for that same Joseph (children and spouse match)…. The search continues.

I called the McClung Archives – East Tennessee Historical Society: It looks like they have microfilm of the Tennessee rosters of the War of 1812. If my daughter has time, maybe she can run over there. If not, I’ll look there the next time I visit Knoxville. The person answering the phone said archives in Nashville might have the rosters also. I then called our Memphis Library (since the Tennessee Historical Society Office is closed on Friday), and they said they have some microfilm and one book. I’ll wander down there next week. I’ve been reading a LOT and have found more Daniel Atchleys to sort through.

The following may prove to be extremely important:
From: "Historical Records of East Tennessee" Jefferson Co Edition
Abstract of Wills 1792 to 1851

Russell, Daniel 14 Sep 1805 probated October 1805 (an extract of information – not the original)
Wife: Jemimah
Son: Joseph
Daughters: Betsy Welch, Sarah Burdian, MARY ATCHLEY, Jemimah Wood, Allis McMahan and Rachel Rogers
Witness: James McMahon, Cornelius McGuire, George McGuire
Ex Wife(?); Joseph Russell and Wm McMahon

According to everything I’ve seen, the above listed daughter MARY RUSSELL ATCHLEY is our Mary Russell listed in the autobiographical sketch by Robert C Atchley. Maybe I should look in Jefferson County Tennessee records for more info, along with the original will of Daniel Russell. This may prove to be the Mary Russell married to Daniel Atchley, but I will STILL have to connect that Daniel to his father, whom I believe to be Joshua, son of Thomas.

Well, I visited the Regional History and Genealogy Center Library today (Tennessee Genealogical Society and the associated library in Germantown, TN). They had quite a few books of Tennessee soldiers in the War of 1812. I found quite a few names of interest, but not ONE Daniel Atchley. The only reference I saw to a Daniel Atchley was in a reference after I started looking in Virginia, since we think Daniel lived in Botetourt County Virginia and was also in the Revolutionary War before he was in the War of 1812. Here’s what I found:

From “Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines 1775 – 1783” by John H Gwathmey; 1938, The Dietz Press, Publisher, Richmond, VA
Pg 25: Ashley, Daniel Sr., Haskings Co., Ky, Mpl.
[the work shows several Ashleys, Ashlys, but no Atchleys]

Here are the other Atchley things I found today. They might come in handy in finding Daniel, but not directly: They might prove useful for someone else, so I’ll post them here anyway.

1. From vertical file on Morgan. Page 65 has a page from some book [not named] which shows the following will:

MIZER, HARTWELL [this was from Laclede County, Missouri] – will dated __ day of __ 1850
Wife, Mary Ann, all the land and home farm and with all improvements for her use and benefit during her natural life. Considering that my dau Polly (married to John Smith) and my dau Phebe (married to MARTIN ATCHLEY) have each received sum of 200.00, they have nothing more until remaining children have like sum of 200.00. Also, John Smith, husband of dau Polly, be given a good title to a section of land known as the __ Q of the __ Q of Sec no. __ in twp no. 35 of range no. __ containing 40 acres. At death of wife, that which remains to be divided among all of my children (not named) share and share alike. Exr, MARTIN ATCHLEY. Wit: William L Thrailkill and William Prater. Witnesses before court on 12 June 1862. L/T granted above named exr and recorded on 13 June 1862. (154) L/T granted Mary Ann Mizer 10 Mar 1863. (176)

2. From “Soldiers of the War of 1812 Buried in TN” compiled by Mary Hardin McDown & Inez E. Burns, Published by the Tennessee Society United States Daughters of 1812 – 1959 [TNGEN Book: TN 2436]
Page 4:
ATCHLEY, ISAAC (--c 1788-8-4-1854 Sevier Co); Md Mary Bowers 2-4-1830 (1800 – liv 4-2-1855); Corp, Capt Andrew Lawson’s Co, Col Wm Johnson’s 3rd Regt E T Drftd Mil, 9-20-1814 – 5-3-1815; T S A & P D; likely in Sevier Co; Unkn.

ATCHLEY, JESSE ( -- liv 4-11-1855 aged 67 yrs Bradley Co); Md ( ); Pvt, Capt Andrew Lawson’s Co, Col Wm Johnson’s 3rd Regt E T Drftd Mil, 9-20-1814—5-3-1815; W D & T S A & P D; Cem 6 m W Cleveland, Brandley Co; Unkn.

3. From “Twenty-Four Hundred Tennessee Pensioners – Revolution – War of 1812” by Zella Armstrong; Genealogical Publishing Company 1981; [TNGEN Book: TN 4599]

Page 11: ATCHLEY, THOMAS A; 1832 list age 79; served in N J line; drew pension in Sevier Co; his widow Lydia Atchley 1840 Census age 75 lived with Noah Atchley

4. From “Soldiers of the Revolution and War of 1812 Buried in TN”; compiled by Lucy Womac Bates, Chairman; 1974; The State Regent’s Bicentennial Project, Tennessee Society, NSDAR.

Page 20: ATCHLEY, (AITCHLEY) ABRAHAM, (b 10-25-1757 near Princeton, NJ/d after 1834 Sevier Co.). Entered service while living in Loudon Co., VA; moving to Sevier Co. about 1790-91. R 68, served less than 6 mos. Ref.: Dorman 3; McCown.

Page 20-21: ATCHLEY, THOMAS (b 5-3-1755 Middlesex Co., NJ/d 10-11-1836 Sevier Co.), bur. Alder Branch cem., Sevier Co. Lived Middlesex Co., NJ and Botetourt Co., VA during war. Served as Pvt. Under Major Dunn in NJ Line. Re-enlisted 1777 – served under Capt. Reddakin’s Co. in VA and again in 1781 under Capt, John Lewis. Also in Indian wars and War of 1812. Age 79 – 1832 pen. List, Sevier Co., TN. m 1780 Loudon Co., VA to Lydia Richards b 8-18-1762/d 8-3-1850 Sevier Co., bur. By husband. In 1840 census living with Noah Atchley. Ch.: Hannah b 2-23-1782; Mary b 11-13-1783 m Rev. James Haggard; Sarah b 11-28-1785 m ____ Guthrie; Isaac b 12-9-1787 m Emily Smith; Benjamin b 1-24-1790 m 1st ________, m2nd Martha Chambers; Joshua b 2-26-1792 m Elizabeth Hardin; Lydia b 4-23-1794 m Thomoas Maples; Thomas 4-18-1796; Jane b 8-1-1798; Elizabeth b 10-24-1800 m John Lindsey; Rhoda b 2-25-1802 m Mose Langly; Noah b 1-19-1807 m Elizabeth Pharis. Ref.: A 1; Pen. Claim W-257; DAR #535915.

5. From “ Tennesseans in the War of 1812” transcribed and indexed by Byron and Samuel Sistler; Nashville, TN 1992; Published and Distributed by Byron Sistler Associates, Inc, 1712 Natchez Trace, P O Box 120934, Nashville, TN 37212.

Pg 56:
ASHLEY, EDWARD, Pvt, Col Alexander Loury, Capt James Kincaid, Inf; sick absent at Ft Montgomery
ASHLEY, EDWARD, Pvt, Col William Lillard, Capt William Hamilton, E TN Vol Inf
ASHLEY, JAMES, Pvt, Maj William Russell, Capt Isaac Williams, 1 Regt Separate Bn of TN Mtd Gunmen
ASHLEY, JOSEPH, Ffr, Col William Johnson, Capt James Rogers, E TN Drafted Mil
ASHLEY, THOMAS, Pvt, Col Philip Pipkin, Capt George Mebane, Mil Inf; deserted from Ft Jackson 9-20-1814
ASHLEY, WILLIAM Pvt, Col Edwin Booth, Capt John McKamey, E TN Mil
ASHLEY, WILLIAM, Pvt, Col John Williams, Capt Samuel Bunch, Branch Srvce omitted
ASHLEY, WILLIAM, Pvt, Col Samuel Bayless, Capt Joseph Bacon, E TN Mil
ATCHBY, THOMAS, Pvt, Col Samuel Wear, Capt Simeon Perry, E TN Vol Mtd Inf

Pg 57
ATCHLEY, ABRAHAM, Pvt, Col William Johnson, Capt Andrew Lawson, E TN Drafted Mil
ATCHLEY, BENJAMIN, Cpl, Col Edwin Booth, Capt John Porter, Drafted Mil
ATCHLEY, JOS, Pvt Col S Bunch, Capt Isaac Williams, E TN Mil
ATCHLEY, BENJAMIN, Pvt, Col William Johnson, Capt Elihu Milliken, 3rd Regt E TN Mil; transferred from Capt Churchman
ATCHLY, JOS Pvt, Col WmJohnson, Capt Elihu Millikin, 3rd Regt E Tn Mil
ATHEY, ABRAHAM, Pvt, Col Jno Brown, Capt Jas Preston, E TN Mil Inf
ATHEY, EDGMORE, Pvt, Col Jno Brown, Capt Jas Preston, E TN Mil Inf

6. From: “Appalachian Families” James l Douthat, Editor, P O Box 400, Signal Mountain, TN 37377, Volume 1 Number 1

Pg 81:
War of 1812 Pension Papers of Benjamin Atchley
State of Tenn, County of Sevier, 8 Jan 1851
Appeared in open court before the Justices of the Peace BENJAMIN ATCHLEY aged sixty one 24th Jany 61 years a resident of Sevier Co. He declares he was a private in the company of Capt Elihu Milikan in the Tenn drafted Militia commanded by Gen’l Taylor in the War with the Creek Indians. He was drafted at Sevierville Tenn on the 18 day of Sept 1814 for a six months term until 24 March 1815. He was honorably discharged at Washington Cty Tenn on the 24 day of March 1815. He started out under Capt Wilson Maples who was taken sick at the Lookout Mountains.
Witness: James Toomey, Thos Maples

State of Tenn, Sevier County, 30 March 1871
Appeared before G Gap clerk of Chancery Court Benjamin Atchley aged eighty a resident of the 7th district of the county of Sevier. He states he is married that his wifes name was Martha Chambers when hw? Married in Sevier County on or about the 11th day of Aug 1811. He was drafted in Capt Wilson Maples, Col Booths Regiment. The company at the time of discharge was commanded by Capt John W Porter because Capt Maples resigned. The company was disbanded at Mobile Alabama but he did not receive a discharge until he arrived home.

State of Tenn, Sevier County 3 November 1875
Personally appeared in Chancery Court Martha Atchley aged seventy nine a resident of the 7th district of said county. She states she is the widow of Benjamin Atchley and that he was drafted and served under Capt Wilson Maples and afterwards Capt Pport in the War of 1812. She married on 11 Aug 1811 to Benjamin Atchley under the name of Martha Atchley by William Trotter. Her? Husband died on the 10th day of Sept 1875. Her post office address in Catlettsburg, Sevier County, Tenn, is 8 miles above and north of Sevierville on the road leading from Sevierville to Dandridge by way of Evans Island.
Martha Atchley (Her Mark)
Witness: Wm Gorman, M.C. Stover

Pg 79
Application and pension Papers of Revolutionary Soldier Thomas Atchley
State of Tenn, County of Sevier 3 Sept 1832
Personally appeared before the Court of Pleas of Quarter Superior now sitting said Thomas Atchley, a resident of Sevier County and the state of Tenn, aged 77 years and 4 months doth on oath make the following declaration: He was born the 3rd day of May 1755 in the state of New Jersey, Middlesex County until he was a man he resided there. He entered the service of the United States about the years 1774 or 1775 in Middlesex County. He marched from this County to Brunswick Town in New Jersey. From here he was put under the command of Major Dunn. He then marched to Amboy (Perth Amboy) which is on the bay opposite Staten Island and marched through Elizabeth Town NJ to Barigan Town opposite the City of New York. He remained there until he was discharged one month later. He then moved from New Jersey to Loudoun County, Virginia. He joined again the service of the United States under Capt Jas Reddakin and Capt Thos Cavin. He was marched to Pittsburg in Penn from where he took a boat to the mouth of the Ohio near wheeling and was stationed here a period of six months. When he was discharged he returned home to Loudoun County Virginia. Again he moved to Botetourt County on the banks of the Roanoke river. Here he entered the service under Capt John Lewis and marched to Guilford Co. in North Carolina where he remained for some time. After his discharge he returned home to Botetourt County. He served a fourth time as a volunteer to disarm suspected Tories on Walkers creek, Virginia. He states his company disarmed them and returned home making a total of eight months and two weeks he served his country. He knows no person alive who served with him except John Clock (Clack) who lives in West Tenn.

7 From “Will Abstracts of Botetourt & Madison Co VA, 1785 Enumeration, Copied and Indexed by Charles T Burton, R 2 Box 191, Troutville, VA 24175, Genealogist, [TNGEN Book# 1761]
Enumeration taken Feb and Mar 1785. First number after each name is the number of white persons in the family; the next is the number of Dwellings and the last is the number of other buildings. At this time the area enumerated included all or parts of these other counties: Alleghany, Bath, Roanoke, and Craig.

Pg 5
Smiths District:
Joseph Atchley 4 1 0
Thomas Atchley 3 1 0
Martin Atchley 2 1 0

Pg 7
Watterson’s Dist
Abm. Ackley 5 1 0

Pg 10
Capt Goodson’s Co
Ashley, Thomas

and my search continues....

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