Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things I'm Working On

I'm starting (or REstarting) a few things in genealogy this week.

  • I've ordered the Lunatic Inquest Books (Volumes 1-3) 1887 - 1918 on microfilm from the Kentucky Archives [thanks for the suggestion Brenda]. I'm hoping to find information on the commitment of James Wiley Town (see previous blog). The Kentucky Archives has a catalog of their materials,(here: KDLA Catalog) and SOME of their microfilm that can be ordered is listed, but I didn't see the Lunatic Inquest Books, so I gave them a call. They were extremely helpful and have ordered my copy and it will get to me soon. The cost is $18 for 35mm and $11 for 8mm per roll. I DID go back to my paper files and remembered I had seen a list from years ago on the available microfilm. I had actually typed in the list and it's posted on Pat Oliver's Lyon County Page here: Lyon County Microfilm
  • The next thing I'm trying to do is fix the Daniel Atchley problem (see previous post). There's so much really bad information that's been posted on the net about "our" Daniel Atchley, that I really want to track down the sources and fix the misinformation in the Maud Horn book and in my corner of the world. Some of the sites show this Daniel as dying at age 107. What those folks have done is take the "assumed" birth date of this Daniel and then used the death date of his son, Daniel. Not good. The problem I'm having with this search is that Daniel moved to Eastern TN in the late 1700's to Sevier County. Sevier County is one of those that lost their courthouse in a fire in the 1850's. His descendants moved to Arkansas, and before that had spread out to Rhea and Bradley counties, so I can track them, but Daniel seems to have died before 1830 in Sevier County. He came to Sevier from Virginia, and was in New Jersey before that. I'm finding Daniel Ashleys along with Daniel Atchley (and Atchly, Achly and many other variations). I'll start an Atchley post tomorrow on where I'm beginning (AGAIN) in my search.

The sun is shining. What a great day to start something new!!

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