Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Things I Learned (or relearned) Last Week

  • Don't attend a Celtic Women concert if you want to hear Celtic music.
  • Amazon Unbox DRM protected videos often need a fix from Microsoft to play on some XP systems. The fix is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/939209
  • Powering things off and on continues to be a fix for things - now even the iPhone with IMAP Gmail
  • Old photo albums need to be put in new, archival safe, acid free photo albums, but it's not going to happen for some. Those old albums with the stickie pages and then the plastic sheet on top do NOT want to give up the pictures.
  • I love finding people I knew as a child (and lost touch with) and learning what they're doing and the trails they've travelled. I found a "voice from my past" this week. Thanks Roy.
  • Babysitting for a two year old and a two month old for two days brings out your creativity and your "need to nap". All those wooden puzzles, plastic bowling pins and Duplo blocks you've been saving are still great toys.
  • I was smarter than I thought. When redoing a photo album from 1970 I found names written on the backs of pictures. Good thing too!
  • The best way to find a job is through people who know your work, not through a newspaper or internet ad.
  • Teaching a class on genealogy to those wanting to get started can be a lot of fun. Their enthusiasm is contagious.
  • I still enjoy putting 1000 piece puzzles together.
  • I’m greatly anticipating spring.
  • I LOVE getting phone calls from my children. It’s such a wonder to hear the things that excite them and to hear their plans.

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