Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Things Change (good) and Some Don't (bad)

The wording in this pension record interested me. People can be worth nothing, and a spinning wheel worth 2.50. I'm glad those things have changed. It also shows that housework has always been drudgery.

Exerpt from Revolutionary War pension record of Humphrey Gwyn

He owned the following:

5 acres of land annual value 7 dollars
?? dozzen [sic] flag chairs $2.00
1 old desk 5.00
1 old negro woman about 60 years of age 0.00
1 gun 5.00
Spining [sic] wheel and one pair cards 2.50

“… my age is 61 years, occupation a Mariner and unable to maintain myself from age and bodily infirmity occasioned by rheumatism: my wife Sally aged about 60 years and can only perform the usual drudgery of a housewife but unable to maintain herself. I have one child living with me named Lettitia – aged 20 years and unable to contribute any thing towards her support from infirmity…”

[the above was written on 10 October 1820]

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