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Tacey Cooper of Caldwell County Kentucky

This one was interesting to me. He was a Navy midshipman and had come to this country after being put onboard a ship at the age of eight as a ship worker. ALL of these pension records tell SUCH interesting stories.

Revolutionary War Pension Records

Page 1: Tecy/Tacey Cooper S12602 Navy (Penn.) Born in Scotland

Tacey Cooper of Caldwell Co in the State of Kentucky who was a midshipman in the vessel commanded by Captain ___ of the ___ commanded by Lieutenant McKane in the Navy for 18 months

Inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 108 dollars & _?_ cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1834.

Certificate of Pension issued the 13 day of March 1833 and sent to Thomas Haynes Princeton KY

Book E vol 7 Page 5

State of Kentucky, Caldwell County:
20 August 1832
Tacey Cooper appeared before John Weeks, Morton A Rucker and Burr Caldwell
Resident of Caldwell County KY
Age 67
Entered service sometime in 1787 as well as he remembers, at Philadelphia, as a navy midshipman on board the American frigate Alliance, “then lying at that place commanded by Commodore Barry – the first Lieutenant was McKane, the other officers names are not now remembered except James McLane(?) also a midshipman.”

Not long after entering this service the Alliance sailed from the port of Philadelphia on a voyage along the American coast to the West Indies – to Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda and around the Brittish West India islands, and continued cruising in those seas for eighteen months, and till about the time peace was declared. That during this cruise we had several engagements with British vessels and captured two brigs, some schooners and Bregain(?) boats. The Brigs were sent into Philadelphia or New York. That the Alliance was a 44 gun ship – and after crusing eighteen months as before stated she returned to Philadelphia sometime in 1783 and there he (the said Cooper) was discharged shortly afterwards, having served on board the said ship in the capacity of midshipman at least eighteen months. He states that he has no documentary evidence in his possession which would prove his service, nor does he know of any person living who could do it, for after quiting the service, he left Pennsylvania, and has not seen or heard of any with whom he served for many years.

Answers to questions:
1. Born in the county of Annarth(?) or Anni, Parish of Tynon, Scotland, on the 10th of December 1764 and at the age of about eight years was put on board the Brittish ship Three Brothers Gillas Master Carrying 34 guns and went to the East Indies and was gone three years and was then ordered to the American Coast – as a privateer. After arriving on the American coast – she cruised for some time – she anchored at one time near Amboy on Elizabeth River, not far from Burlington and while at anchor I made my escape to the American Army under Wayne (I think) then at Amboy I got first within the picket guard, next within the ground guard at Powel’s or Powler’s hook and was sent up to Burlington with a pass from an American officer and from thence was sent to Philadelphia where I found an Uncle James Cooper father kin with whom I remained until I entered the service as aforesaid.
2. I have no record of my age in this country, but I keep my age by my recollection, as delivered to me by my father and kindred.
3. At the time I entered the service I had no permanent place of residence – I had been staying with my kindred in Philadelphia awhile. After the War I remained with the same kin a short time and again went to sea for several years, after which I moved to the Western Country finally settled in this county where I have lived for the last 29 years.
4. I voluntarily entered the Navy – there was no compulsion.
5. I think no written discharge was ever given me.
6. Neighbors: James C Miller, esqr., John Craig, James Blue, Hon C. Lyon, Gen Wm Washington and others.

Affidavit by Edmund Wilson, a clergyman, William Mercer, James C Miller….

Princeton KY Aug 6, 1851
At the request of the heirs at law of Tacey Cooper, I write to you to obtain some information in reference to his pension. It appears Mr Tacey Cooper, a midshipman of the Pennsylvania Navy was placed upon the pension roll on the 13th of March 1833 – his pension commenced on the 4th of March 1831 and he received his pension for three years up to the 4th of March 1834. About the lst of May 1834, Mr Tacey Cooper died in the County of Caldwell and State of Kentucky, where he was living at the time he was placed upon the Pension Roll. On the Pension Roll for the State of Kentucky Caldwell County. You will see some of the above facts stated. Now the heirs desire to know whether a portion of his pension – and how much – is not still owing by the Government. Further they wish to know, whether there have been any acts of Congress subsequent to the 4th of March 1831, extending and enlarging his pension, and giving the benefit of it to his heirs at law. If it s not taxing your time too heavily to furnish this information, it would be gratefully received by them. I have not access to the acts of Congress so as to afford me an opportunity of investigating this matter.
Very respectfully, Yr Obt Svt, Livingston Lindsay

Frankfort KY Sept 6 1851
Herein I enclose you the pension certificate of Tacy Cooper a midshipman at $108 per annum whereas other midshipman of the Revolution are allowing $144 per annum. Enclosed also is a letter from Alexander Cooper a son of Tacy Cooper. We now claim an allowance for the difference between $108 _?_to allowed and $144 for which mount per annum it should have been allowed in the first instance under the act of Congress 7th Jun 1832. A certificate you will please sign and endorse to me.
I am sir very respectfully yours L HJ Frahn?
H E Heath Esq
Comm of Pensions

June the 30 1851
Sir I have bin disappointed in finding these papers when your agent was here I did expect they could be found with out any difficulty. Your agent Mr Molls(?) requested me to se sum of my neighbors that had claims and write to you. I have seen them but they are afraid to employ you for there has bin sum of them that has employed agents for to collect for them and has never herd of them since so they think they are swindled. Your agent and I M Wells(?) was talking of a claim that I have in Ireland(?). but I can not give you any information about it at this time for I have bin sick for sum time and have not bin able to write for information but I think I wil be able to find out sumthing about it verry soon and then I wil rite to you when you get these papers and can assertain what the chance is of collecting any thing. I would be glad if you would rite to me and let me now what the chance is. Alexander Cooper I live in Caldwell County

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