Friday, March 14, 2008

I saved a couple of twigs on a tree today

It's the little things we can do that might eventually make a difference for the environment. I received my first issue of a state genealogical quarterly publication via PDF format today, instead of the usual paper copy. I had signed up to receive it in PDF as soon as they announced availability. That publication had over 60 pages. It might be worth checking with your local society about their abilities to send documents via email instead of paper.

The second thing I did was interesting. I went to the Apple Store to buy a cable to connect my iPod in my car (hybrid of course :^) ), and was asked at check out if I wanted a paper receipt or to have it emailed to me. That was the first time that had happened for me! I chose the emailed version, and the receipt was in my email when I arrived home.

I learned something new today - again.

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