Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Letter From F.E. Cummins - September 1863

This is a letter from Finus E Cummins to his father, Noah H Cummins.

Letter from F. E. Cummins (while being held prisoner during the civil war), to his father, Noah Cummins.

Hopkinsville prison September 9th, 1863

Dear Father,
It is with pleasure that I rest myself this day to inform you that I reached this point on 3rd day of this month. I gave myself up to the union picket. I was well treated I found gentlemen and men that treated me well as could be expected of course I was ?? in the military prison until those officers can get some information concerning my general connection against the union. Now if any of my ??? comes to see me I wish to see the best union men that thear is in that naborhood and let them say whether I ever did the goviment harm or not I think will have no difficulty if Major Rogers will call and see me and the col that has command of the post.

Give my love to all the younsters. Tell them all to write to me
F. E. Cummins
Tell M??? to wright to me and tell her that I have not forgotten her.

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