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William Blackburn of Caldwell County Kentucky

Was a sergeant in the Company commanded by Captain Rupell of the regiment commanded by Col Scott in the Virginia line for 19 months.
Died 13 Mar 1841
Pension commenced 4 Mar 1834
Certificate of pension issued 13 Mar 1833

15 October 1832 Caldwell County Kentucky Court in Princeton Kentucky
William Blackburn – a resident of Caldwell County Kentucky
Age 75 years

Enlisted in the army of the United States in 1776 with Captain Andrew Rupell for one year and served in the 5th Regiment of the Virginia State Line under the following officers: The regiment was commanded by Colonel Scott and Major Richard Parker (who was afterwards killed at the siege of Charleston) That his captain was the said Andrew Rupell and the Lieutenants of his company were McElhany and William Lane. This ensign was William Smith and he (this applicant was second sergeant of the company. That at the time he enlisted he resided in the county of Fairfax, state of Virginia, and entered the service in that county. The the place of rendezvous was New gate, now Centreville in Fairfax County, and we marched from there to Dumfries; from thence to Falmath; thence to Fredericksburg; thence to Richmond; thence to Williamsburg, where we were stationed awhile, after which we were marched to old Jamestown and crossed the reiver to a place called Hog’s Island; from thence we were marched to Suffolk Smithfield from thence to Fortsmouth and crossed the river to Norfolk and were stationed there awhile, from thence we proceeded down the bay to watch the motions of the British tories and negroes – after remaining there awhile we were ordered back to Norfolk and to Williamsburg. At this time many of us were sick and we remained here some time – those that were not sick were ordered Northward to join Genl Washington. After serving out the full term of the enlistment he was discharged by his Colonel, but which he has long ago lost. ….. He mentions a Charles L Broadwater living in Fairfax County Virginia “if he is not dead since July last”, who could prove his service. He says Broadwater “went into the Marine service, but we were well acquainted in the same county and I once (in 1826) procured his affidavit to that effect (which is herewith transmitted) with ?? to get a pension under the act of 1818 but afterwards informed by a lawyer in Tennessee (McBurton) that I could not succeed unless I was worth less than a certain sum, which then was not the case, and so the matter lay until now. He further states that agin in the year 1781, he was still living in the same County of Fairfax and started out to ?? the Western? Country and after arriving in Pittspurgh he volunteered and was appointed a sergeant under Captain Bruce to guard the public stores from Pittsburgh to the falls of the Ohio. That a part or nearly all of Col Crockett’s regiment was in this expedition. That he was commanded by Cols Jachariah Morgan and Genl Clark. That he volunteered for two months, but when this time was out the exposed condition of the stores required the further aid of the Corps to which he belonged to assist in guarding them; and he with others volunteered to remain until they could be spared with safety to the public stores, and he remained in this service for five months longer, making in all seven months as a volunteer and twelve months as a regular……

Additional answers to questions:
Born in Fairfax County Virginia 12 Feb 1757
Record of birth had been in a bible in his native county, but when he was last there, he couldn’t find it.
Lived in Fairfax County when he enlisted. Since then, has lived in North Carolina “a good many years in Wilkes County and in Tennessee several years and I now live with my children in Caldwell County Kentucky & have for the last four [few?] years.
He restates his military service and officers with whom he served.

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