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Thomas Beck of Caldwell County Kentucky

Thomas Beck Revolutionary War Pension
Thomas Beck of Caldwell County in the State of Kentucky who was a private/drummer in the command of Captain Weeks of the regiment commanded by Col Chamber in the Maryland line for 10 months.
Inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 36 dollars 66 cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1834.

Record of Service in Maryland; Thomas Beck, then lists Ann and Nancy; #W8354

Ann Beck, widow of Thomas Beck of Maryland who was a drummer in the Revolution. Husband died 10 Nov 1840. Inscribed on the roll at the rate of 36 dollars 66 cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1843.
Certificate of Pension issued the 18th day of July 1848 and sent to Hon. Lynn Boyd. ?? of Rep’s
Recorded in Book D? Vol 2 Page 178

State of Kentucky Caldwell County
On the 21st day of October in the year 1833 personally appeared in open court before William Lauder, James A Cartwright, James C Weller, John W Marshall, Saml W Atherst Justices of the county court of said County now sitting Thomas Beck resident of said County and State aged sixty nine years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named Officers and served as herein stated. The Colonel who commanded the regiment under whome he served and to whose regt he belonged was by the name of Benjamin B Chamber one of the majors belonged to said regt he now recollects was by the name of Richard Graves. Col Chambers was sometime after he entered the service sent to the main army and was he believes in the battle of Germantown. Major Graves succeeded Chambers in the command of the regt and kept the command in his absence, the names of the other field officers belonging to said regiment he does not now recollect. The name of the Captain to whose company he belonged was by the name of Amon Weeks. The names of one of the other Captains belonging to said Regt were Captain Ringold Page Tildin Frisby Brown He also first states he first entered the service of the United States in the month of March or April in the year 1777. He states he acted as drummer in said Regiment under Captain Weeks. That he was called out several times from 1777 till the close of the war on 1783. He served in the spring of 1777 one month when the regt was permitted to return home where they remained until August of the same year when the regt was again called out to defend the coast along the Chesepeake bay where the enemy shipping was at that time lying and threatening an invastion. The British Fleet or a part of it continued in the bay for two or three months when they left that part of the coast where Chambers Regt was stationed and it was considered necessary to keep the regt all there. A portion of the regt was then detached and ordered to go and join the main army at that time at or near Vally [sic] Forge. He was with the said detachment, but when they got within a few miles of the main army they ascertained that the regular troops or a part of them (towit the Maryland line of Regulars) had gone into winter quarters, or was sent to Wilmington for that pupose, and they met the Maryland Militia returning home. The detachment in which he belonged also returned and they went home. He was out on this expedition three months and one month in the spring of that year. We then remained at home until early the spring of 1788 when said regt was again called out to defend the coast along the Chesapeake bay. He states that in the spring and summer of that year he was out in actual service under Capt Weeks in Chambers Regt three months. The precise time of the year they were called out that year he does not recollect, but he recollects it was in the spring. He states that in the year 1779 they were engaged for some time scouring the shores of the Chesapeake. It was considered necessary to keep the troops constantly on the coast when the enemys shipping were near the shore. He states that they were out two months on that expedition and one month afterwards in the same year. The operations of the regt was along the shore of the Chesapeake principally and the object in view was to defend the coast and to keep the enemy from landing. In the three following years he was called out frequently with the said regt under Captain Weeks some times they weould be kept out only a few days at a time at other times they would be kept out for a longer time but he cannot recollect with any certainty what length of time he was kept out at any one time in either of the three years 1780, 81, or 82. He states that in the several expeditions in which he was engaged during the years 1777, 1778 and 1779 and in which he was actually in the service of the United Sates amounts altogether to ten months. The times, he was called out subsequently to 1779 he cannot recollect now what particular length of time he was in the service in any one of the years subsequent to 779 and does not claim for services subsequent to that time. He states that at the time he first went into the service he was too young to be regularly enrolled as one of the militia, but having learned to beat the drum he volunteered his services in behalf of his injured country. He states he was in no regular battle but they were frequently fired on by the enemy’s shipping and on several occasions lives were lost on one occasion he recollects several persons were killed. The country through which they passed was through the counties of Kent, Cecil? Principally along the Chesepeake. He states he was acquainted with the following named regular officers (towit) General Smallwood, Col Richeson, Col Guess, Col T Tilman aid to Genl Washington, Col’s Loyd aid to Genl Green, Major R Wright, Captain Vesay who fell on Long Island and Captain P Reed ??. He states he has no documentary evidence and that he knows of no person living in this part of the world whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service. I hereby relinquish every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension roll of any state or Territory whatever.

Sworn to and submitted the day and year aforesaid [signed] Thomas Beck

The following questions were then propounded by the court to the applicant and answered by him as follows

Question 1st: Where and in what year were you born?
Answer I was born in the year 1763 in the County of Kent State of Maryland
Question 2nd Have you any record of your age and if so where is it?
Answer: I have no record of my age. My father once had a record of it but where it is now I cannot tell but my birth was always refered [sic] back to that time in the family.
Question 3rd: Where were you living when called into service. Where have you lived since the revolutionary was and where do you now live?
Answer: At the time I entered the service I was living in the County of Kent State of Maryland. I continued to live there till about the year 1794 when I moved to Ohio County Virginia near to Wheeling where I lived about eight years. I then moved to Livingston County Kentucky (now Caldwell) where I have lived ever since. I am now a citizen of Caldwell County Kentucky
Question 4th How were you called into service were you drafted did you volunteer or were you a substitute and if a substitute for who?
Answer: I was a volunteer.
Question 5th : State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops where you served; such continental militia regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your services.
Answer: I have a recollection of General Smallwood and his Brigade. Col’Guess and Col Richeson and their regiments Col Tench Tilman aid to Genl Washington Col Loyd aid to General Green.
Major Wright, Captai Vesay, Captain P Reed, Captain E. Wright, Captain W Raisin, Captain Dawsey
Question 6th : Did you ever receive a discharge from the service and if so by whom. Wha?? It given and what has become of it
Answer: I received a written discharge from Captain Weeks when the war ended signed by said Weeks which I kept for many years, but it is now lost. I know not what has become of it.
Question 7th : State the name of person to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity and their belief of your services as a soldier of the revolution.
Answer: I am acquainted with the following named persons in my present neighborhood who can testify as to my character for veracity and their belief of my service as a soldier of the revolution (towit)
James B Moore, John H Rackerby, D W McGoodwin, David Parent, M A Rucker Esqr, Howard Cash and many others all my neighbours will testify to the above facts.
[signed] Thomas Beck

On 26 April 1847, Nancy Beck appeared in Caldwell County Circuit Court. [She is called Ann in later documents and is listed as “Ann (Nancy)”.
She was 75 years old.
She says she’s the widow of Thomas Beck
She married Thomas Beck 19 Dec 1792.
Thomas Beck died 10 Nov 1840

William P George appeared in Caldwell County before a justice of the peace. 26 Apr 1847
He was 71 years old.
Stated that Nancy married Thomas in Kent County Maryland.

George G Cash appeared 26 April 1847 in Caldwell County Kentucky before a Justice of the Peace
He’s 70 years old.
He stated he was present at the marriage of Nancy and Thomas Beck in Kent County Maryland.

Family record included in pension documents:
Lawson Cash and Maria Beck was married on the 13 of April AD 1819
Buerel Cash was born January the 11 AD 1820
Marcus L Cash was born the 17 day of Feb AD 1822
William G Cash was born June the 16 AD 1825
Nelson Cash was born December 18 AD 1827
Lewis G Cash was born 21 Mar 183?
Lewis G Cash was born Sept the 13 1832
James B Cash was born April 26 1835
Lawson Cash jun was born 3 day of April 1837
Thomas Beck …. [unreadable]
Lawson L Cash departed this life July 17 1841

Information sent to a requesting genealogist 17 Jan 1938 is as follows:
Thomas and Ann Beck married 20 Dec 1792
Ann Beck b: 4 Sep 1793
Margaret E Beck b: 4 Oct 1794
Maria Beck b: 24 Jun 1797
James Beck b: 18 Jan 1799
William G Beck b: 1 Aug 1801
Elenor Beck b: 10 Feb 1804
Lewis G Beck b: 8 Sep 1805
Adah Beck b: 4 Apr 1807
Bulah H Beck b: 13 Mar 1814
George H Beck b: 4 May 1815
Thomas J b: 28 Nov 1817

The following family data are shown also:

Lawson Cash and Maria Beck married 13 Apr 1819
Burrel Cash b: 11 Jan 1820
Marcus L Cash b: 7 Feb 1822
William G Cash b: 16 Jun 1825
Nelson Cash b: 18 Dec 1837
Lewis G b: 27 Mar 1839 (not clearly written)
Lewis G b: 13 Sep 1832
Lewis G b: 13 Sep 1832 (no explanation for repetition)

Thomas Beck departed this life 20 Nov 1840 aged 75 years
Lewis G Cash departed this life 8 Sep 1833
Lawson L Cash departed this life 17 July 1841
In April 1847, George G Cash, aged 70 years resided in Caldwell Co KY
Mrs Ann Beck appeared before the circuit court of Caldwell County KY 17 Nov 1846
Resident of Caldwell County KY
About 74 years old.

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