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Matthew Lyon of Caldwell County Kentucky

Matthew Lyon of Caldwell County Kentucky

Revolutionary War Pension File

Continental Green Mt Boys VT S36689

Kentucky Roll 9508
Matthew Lyon (War with Ethan Allen in the Suprise (?) of Ticonderoga May 1775
Of Eddyville in the State of Kentucky
Who was Lieutenant in the regiment commanded by Colonel Warner of the Vermont line for the term of one year.
Inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky at the rate of 20 dollars per month, to commence on the 24 of August 1818
Certificate of Pension issued the 20 of April 1819 and sent to the Pensioner at Eddyville, Kentucky
Arrears to 4th of March 1819(?) … 127.74
Semi-anl. All’ce ending Sept 4 1817(?) …120.00
Arrs Cm 12/31 $247.74

State of Kentucky Caldwell County August 24, 1818
At a County this day the following proceedings were had to wit Matthew Lyon an inhabitant of said county and an indigent officer of the Revolutionary Army renouncing all claim to pension heretofore accruing to him and applying to be heard respecting his claim to the benefit of the Law of Congress of the 18th of March 1818. Testifies and says that some time in the year 1774 in the County now called Rutland County Vermont he ?? in forming, arming and disciplining a Company of the Volunteers then called Minute men for the defence of American Liberty of which company he was one, that in the Spring 1775 with about 20 of the company he joined Ethan Allen in the successful surprise of Tyconderoga & was with said Allen in his first expedition to Canada and in the first encounter at St Johns. That immediately on his return he was appointed adjutant of the militia Regiment within the bounds of which he lived. That on the 19th of July 1776 he received a commission as second Lieutenant in the Army of the United States to serve in a Corps destined for the defence of the frontiers & figured to be commanded by Col Seth Warner which commission he has exhibited – That at and about the time of General St Clairs retreat from Tyconderoga in July 1777 he was under the special command of that General sometimes acting as his guide and at other times rideing(?) __??__ - That on the 4th of raid(?) July he received a commission as Paymaster to Col Seth Warner Continental Regt which commission he exhibits. That he served as a Volunteer in the line of Warners Regt at and during the Siege & the Takeing of Burgoyne.
That some time in May 177? As near as he recollects when it was understood that the remains of Warners Regiment were about to be ?? to the Southward in order to be joined to other Regiments he wrote to the commanding General for leave to resign still continuing to pay to the seat?? And di??essed officers & soldiers of the Regiment the public money remaining in his hands until some time in the summer when he learned that an other pay master was appointed although he had received no answer to his letter requesting leave to resign. On which information he accepted the appointment of Paymaster General of the Troops & the militia of the State of Vermont. That inJuly 17?0 being called on to settle his accounts he made a settlement with Wm Bedlow auditor of the accounts for the Eastern department and on the 25th of said July received from Sd Auditor a discharge for all the public money he had received which discharge he exhibits. That in 1779 he was appointed Captain in the militia & on 12th of November 1781 he was promoted to the command of the 16 regt of the militia of Vermont with the Rank of Colonel a regiment on the Frontier which was much engaged in service. Those commissions are also exhibited. And the said Matthew Lyon further ?? that having through misfortunes in ?? loss his property he is in reduced circumstances & being in his 70th year ?? able to labour he stands in need of the assistance of his country for his support.
State of Kentucky Caldwell County towit. J John H Phelps clerk of the County Court of said county do certify that the foregoing is a true and perfect transcript from the records in my office. In testimony whereof I herewith set my hand and office the seal of said county this 20th day of October 1818. John H Phelps.
State of Kentucky Caldwell County J John Bradley magistrate of the county court of said county do certify that the foregoing certi?? Of John H Phelps ?? is clerk of said Court, is in due form of law given under my hand & Seal this 2? Day of October 1818

December 23, 1818 I do further certify that I am sal??? From Col Lyon la?? That he served ?? months or more at one time in the Continental Army and in reduced circumstances requiring the assistance of his country for support. John Bradley

[Mathew Lyon is back in Court the 28th of June 1820 before the Honbl Benjamin Shackelford. Mathew Lyon is 70 years 11 months 16 days old. “my property consists in two shares in the Eddyville Steam Mill Company on which I have paid ten dollars each, and I further declare that I have no family bound to my support, my wife who is 57 years old & myself living with our children, my pension being applied to our comfort. I myself being unable to labour at my occupation being that of a farmer. Signed M Lyon”. The court gave an opinion that his property was not worth more than $50.]

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