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Henry Thomas of Caldwell County Kentucky

Thomas Henry of Caldwell County Kentucky

Revolutionary War Pension File

VA Thomas, Henry S.38433

Transfer from [4557] roll of Tennessee [crossed out] to Kentucky
Henry Thomas, Capt Neal, Private, Virginia Line
In the army of the United States during the Revolutionary War
Inscribed on the Roll of Tennessee
At the rate of Eight dollars per month, to commence on the 26th of May 1818
Certificate of Pension issued the 24th of Nov 1818
And sent to Judge McNairy, Nashville, Tenn
Arrears to 4th of Sept 1818 3 m. 6/31 4/30 27:14
Semi-anl all’ce ending 4 March 1819 48:
$ 74:14
Revolutionary Claim
Act 18th March 1818
’77 three years

Treasury Department
Second Comptroller’s Office
March 5th, 1841
Under the act of the 6th of april 1838, entitled “?? Act directing the transfer of money remaining unclaimed by certain Pensioners, and authorizing the payment of the same at the Treasury of the United States,” The adm’or of Henry Thomas a Pensioner on the Roll of the Kentucky Agency, at the rate of Eight Dollars per month under the law of th 18th March 1818 has been paid at this Department from the 4th of Sept 1837 to the 6th January 1838.
Respectfully yours,
Albion K Parris, comptroller

District of West Tennessee
On the 26th of May 1818, Henry Thomas a citizen of Smith County in the State of Tennessee came before me and claimed to be placed on the pension ?? of the United States in consequence of his service in the army of the United States during the revolutionary war and after being duly sworn according to law, deposed and said that in the year 1777 he entered in the service of the United States as a soldier in Captain Neals company and served in that company nearly one year. Neal resigned(?) and he transferred to Capt Enoch(?) Springer’s Company, that he ?? served in the 13th Virginia Reg’t commanded by Col. John Gibson and afterwards in the 9th Virginia Reg’t commanded by Lieut. Col. Richard Campbell and served until the 1st day of March 1780 when he was discharged at Fort Pitt and produced his discharge, which is herewith enclosed. He further made oath that the said discharge is the same which he then received.
That he is ?? and very infirm, very poor and unable to labor, being severely afflicated the rheumatism, that he has no pension from the United States or any State.
Sworn to & subscribed before me. John McNairy
[signed Henry Thomas]

County of Callaway
On this 28th day of August 1827 before me, the subscriber a Justice of the Peace for said County of Callaway personally appeared Henry Thomas, who on his oath declares, that he is the same Person who formerly belonged to the company commanded by Captain James Oneal in the Regiment commanded by Colonel John Gipson in the service of the United States that his name was placed on the pension roll of the State of Tennessee from whence he has lately removed. That he now resides in the State of Kentucky where he intends to remain and wishes his pension to be there payable in future; and that his reasons for removing to the state of Kentucky are that myself and wife are both old and infirm and were living with our youngst son who has the care of us & he removed to Kentucky and we had to go with him.
Sworn & subscribed to, before me the day & year aforesaid
Reuben E Rowland
[signed Henry Thomas]

[affidavit 28 August 1827 in Callaway county Kentucky of John Mccartney who says he knows Henry Thomas]

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Washington County
Captain Lewis Thomas living on Harding Creek in said County, aged sixty six years, who served as a Lieutenant in the thirteenth Virginia regiment under the command of Colonel John Gibson in the revolutionary war came before me the subscriber a Justice of the peace in and for said county of Washington and made oath that the said Lewis Thomas as Lieutenant in Captain Healys company in the year seventeen hundred and seventy seven, enlisted his brother Henry Thomas as a private in said company for the term of three years that his said brother served in said war, his full time and received his discharge from Col Richard Campbell of the said Virginia line which was then reduced to the ninth regiment and that his said brother Henry Thomas, Thomas was a private under Capt Uriah Springer when discharged. Given under my hand this 16th day of May 1818 and 26th of the Commonwealth(?)
Jno Lancaster

District of West Tennessee
On this seventeeth day of August 1820 personally appeared in open court in the County of Sumner in said state being a court of record for the said county, Henry Thomas aged sixty three years 17th February?? Resident in said county in said district who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served in the revolutionary war as follows, that he enlisted with Lieutenant Thomas of Capt Neals Company in the year 1777 which company was attached to the thirteenth Virginia regiment of infantry but when discharged was reduced to the 9th Virginia regiment and then belonged to Capt Uriah Springers Company of Col John Gipson’s regiment and was dischared by Col Richard Campbell and that he served as a soldier three years, that on the 26th day of May 1818 he made declaration of the foregoing facts before the honorable John McNairy district judge for the district of West Tennessee in consequence of which he received a certificate from the war department bearing date the 26th day of May 1818 and has since received by virtue of said certificate of the paymaster two payments which amounted to one hundred & sixty nine dollars & fifty cents.
And I do solemnly swear that I was resident citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift sale or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of an act of congress entitled “an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war” passed on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not not has any person in trust for me any property or ?? contracts or debts due to me nor have I any incomes other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed.
Schedule: One mare said to between 16 or 17 years old, one cow & calf one two year old heifer, Eleven young hogs (say shoats?). four head of sheep, and one old shovel, plow, two pots, two ovens, one without a lid or legs, one ad(?) one iron wedge, one saw, one drawing knife, one spike gumblet, one set of knives and forks, one old pewter dish & plates, one small earthen dish & a few earthen plates, one pair of old chain braces, one weeding hoe, one small skillet, one flat iron.
I am by occupation a farmer, but not able to pursue it with advantage being afflicted with rheumatism. My family consists of my wife aged sixty one years who is very infirm and sickly, one son about 18 or 19 years old who is with me occasionally but is generally from home working for himself and one daughter about twenty one years old who lives with me, but manages labors for herself and her own interest altogether.
Henry Thomas

[in a letter to Mrs Adah Thomas Strahan of Walla Walla Washington dated 15 Nov 1928:
Concerning Henry Thomas, pension claim S.38433, he was born 17 Feb 1758, place not stated; he was allowed pension on his application executed 26 May 1818, at which time he was living in Smith county, TN; He died 6 January 1838]

[ a copy of his discharge is contained in the file, signed by Richard Campbell, Lt Col of the Virginia Regiment]

Eddyville, September 4, 1827,
Hon James Barbour Esquire
Secretary of War
Washington DC
Care of J L Edwards
Pension Office

Eddyville Ky
Agreeable to instructions rec’d from the War Department under date of June 16, 1827 I herewith transmit the application of Henry Thomas for the transfer of his name to the role of the Kentucky Agency which application I trust is in due form and properly authenticated, if so you will please forward the transfer to my address.
Respectfully your obe serv’t
Chitt’n Lyon

Hon James Barbour
Secretary of War

Enclosed I send you the papers to establish my pension as a soldier in the Revolutionary war if any communication is necessary to make to me from your office your will please direct to the post office Hartsville Sumner county West Tennessee
I am respectfully your humble serv’t
Henry Thomas
May 26th 1818
The Honbl Secretary of War

[from a letter to the War Dept dated 13 Feb 1928 from:
Adah Thomas Strahan
This person is asking for the record of Owen Thomas of the Revolutionary War from Rowen Co North Carolina and enlisted in Virginia. This person says that Owen was the son of Henry Thomas and they served together. He said Owen served from 1777 for 3 yrs with the VA continental line”. This person also said that Owen married Polly Hardin a daughter of John Hardin who was a brother of the old original Mark Hardin of George Creek PA. There was no include letter from the war department back to her confirming any of the information.]

[letter from J E Willis of Chehalis Washington on 23 Mar 1915 asks for information on his great grandfather, Henry Thomas who married Rachel Stillwell. No letter confirming the info was included in the file.]

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