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James Scott of Caldwell County Kentucky

James Scott of Caldwell County Kentucky

Revolutionary War Pension File

There was more than one James Scott from Virginia receiving a Revolutionary War Pension.

James Scott of Caldwell Co In the State of Kentucky who was a private in the Company commanded by Captain Pendleton of the regt commanded by Col. Crawford in the Virginia militia for 9 months from 1777.

Inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky at the rate of 30 dollars 50 cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1834

VA Scott, James S14421

Certificate of Pension issued the 14 day of March 1833 and sent to
Tho Haynes Esq Princeton Ky
Arrears to the 4th of March 1833 $60.99
Semi-anl allowance ending 4 Sept 1833 15.00
Revolutionary Claim
Act June 7, 1832
Recorded by W L Williamson Clerk
Book 2 Vol 7 Page 27

Virginia State Troops

20 August 1832: James Scott appeared in County Court before James C Weller, Morton A Rucker, William Lander, justices.
He was a resident of Caldwell County and was 76 years old.
He entered the service in Culpepper County Virginia as a private in the militia of state troops sometime in 1777 for a six month tour under Captain James Pendleton and Major William Roberts.
He marched from Culpepper into New Jersey and round back of Philadelphia where they joined the main army under Genl Washington. His regiment was commanded by Col Crawford.
The British were at this time in Philadelphia, and it was Washington’s design to attack them, but from some circumstance or other he did not do it and went into winter quarters. That he remained in Washingtons army (under the command of Captain Rucker instead of Capt Pendleton who had been advanced to a Colonel on our march out to join Gen’l Washington until his term of service expired and until the winter set in, we were then discharged and sent home. There was no engagement with the British during this time. That again, just before Cornwallis was taken at York, the precise length of time he does not remember, he again entered the service from the same county, under Col Alcock and Captain Kirk for a tour of three months and marched to intercept Cornwallis on his march through the country – not to engage him, but under the orders of Genl Washington to play along before him and harass his march as much as possible, but not to come to any engagement; which we did and continued in the service, marching from place to place until the expiration of our term and we were discharged and relieved by another party sent for the purpose – and this constituted his revolutionary services as a soldier – That he served with Lisman Bacey, Randall Staliard, Stephen Rucker and many others, but whether any of them are living he does not know – they are not in this country and he cannot therefore procure their evidence, but he supposes his name is on the roll of the Virginia Militia and to that he refers. He states that he was born in Culpepper county Virginia in the year 1756. That he was living in that county when he entered the service; that he entered both times as a volunteer; and that he never received any written discharge that he recollects of, as he was marched home by his captain from the first campaign who did not give any written discharges, that he remembers. That he lived about 15 years in Culpepper after the war and moved to South Carolina where he lived five years and then moved to Tennessee & lived there 5 years and then moved to Kentucky, Caldwell County where he now lives & has for the last 15 or 16 years. That he has his fathers bible in which his age was recorded, but the page containing the record has been torn out and he now keeps his age from recollection having often seen the record of it in said Bible…… He further states that there is no clergyman of his acquaintance living in his neighborhood whose attendance he can procure without much trouble and expense.
[signed] James Scott

[affidavit by William Vaughn, Thomas Johnson and James Perry on his credibility.]

James Scott
Pri Rev War
Act: June 7 1832
Index Vol 1 Page 332

[a letter requesting info of 5 Oct 1929 from Mrs L. Boyd Finch of Denver Colorado says that he was in Rutherford county TN before Caldwell County, but the documents don’t state this.]


A Willson said...

I take it this is NOT the same James Scott who was captain of the James Scott Virginia Volunteers? If I understand correctly that James Scott was from Fauquier County. Do you have any info on him?

Deb said...

What's here is all I know. Several families in Caldwell came from Fauquier County VA, including my Cummins and Oliver ancestors.

Good luck,