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James Jennings of Caldwell County Kentucky

James Jennings of Caldwell County Kentucky

Revolutionary War Pension File

S.C. Jennings, James S36630

James Jennings of Caldwell county in the State of Kentucky who was a private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Henderson of the South Carolina line for the term of 3 years

Inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky at the reate of 8 dollars per month, to commence on the 24th of Nov 1818.

Certificate of Pension issued the 28th of May 1819 and sent to Matthew Lyon Esqr Eddyville, Kentucky

Arrears to 4th of M? 1819 3 7/30 $26.89
Semi-anl all’ce ending 4th Sept 1810 48.00
Revolutionary Claim,
Act 18th March 1818

Certification sent October 20, 1820 to Matthew Lyon, Eddyville, Kentucky

State of Kentucky Caldwell County
In the Record of proceedings in the County Court of said County among others are the following
Be it remembered that “At a County Court begun and held for Caldwell county at the Courthouse in the Town of Princeton on Monday the 24th day of July 1820 the following proceedings were had towit “on motion of James Jennings he produced in open court his affidavit which being sworn to by said Jennings here in Court was ordered to be recorded which affidavit read as follows towit” State of Kentucky Caldwell county SS. On this 24th day of July 1820 personally appeared in open Court being a Court of record for the said County James Jennings aged 65 years resident in said county who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary war as follows. That he enlisted in the Company Commanded by Captain George Wiley of the 6th Regiment of the South Carolina Continental troops commanded by Col William Henderson and served the full term of three years all of which is contained in his original declaration which bears date November 24th 1818 and has received a certificate thereon which is numbered 11.55V. And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift sale or in any manner disposed of my property or any parat thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it and bring myself within the provisions of an act of congress entitled “Air act to provide for certain persons engaged in the law and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary war” passed on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not nor has any person in bush for me any property or securities, contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income then that what is contained in the Schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed.
My property Consists of 60 acres of poor land about 30 acres of it badly improved with a poor log cabin on it the land and improvements worth $150 a mare and colt worth $60 two cows and calves worth $20 a sow and 14 pigs worth $17. Some plates and furniture worth $10. My family consists of my wife named Polley aged between 50 & 60 years, 2 daughters one named Susan aged 17 years the other named Polley aged 14 years one son named Alexander aged 9 years none of which are calculated to render me any assistance in my occupation which is that of a farmer.
Sworn to and declared this 24th day of July 1820 before the County Clerk of Caldwell.
The court are of opinion that the property contained in the foregoing schedule is $257 in value”
State of Kentucky Caldwell County towit
I John H Phelps Clerk of the County Court of said County do hereby certify that the foregoing oath and the schedule thereto annexed are truly copies from the Record of the said court and I do further certify that it is the opinion of the said court that the total amunt ? value of the property is ??elled in the aforesaid schedule is two hundred and fifty seven dollars.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the said court on this 27th day of July 1820.
Jn H Phelps Clerk of the Court for the County of Caldwell

State of Kentucky Caldwell County
In the record of the proceedings had in the Caldwell County Court among others these are the following towit. Be it remembered that at a county court held for Caldwell County at the Courthouse in Princeton Tuesday 24th of Nov 1818 the following proceedings were had to wit James Jennings an indigent soldier of the Revolution and an inhabitant of this commonwealth renouncing all former claim to pension and applying to be heard respecting his claim to the benefit of the law of Congress of March Past and being duly sworn testifies and says that he enlisted into the 6th regiment of South Carolina Continental troops commanded by Col ??ashton? and General Wm Henderson with Capt John Montgomery on Paeolet river and marched with him to Charlestown that he continued in the said regiment until Charlestown was taken in which he was made prisoner during which imprisonment of three years for which he enlisted expired owing to which imprisonment He could not obtain his discharge. That he was in the attack made on Savannah and went as far as Johns river with the expedition further out again.
??? that being now in reduced circumstances standing in need of the aid of his country for support he makes this application – which is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of War.

[In a letter in reply to a request for information from Daniel Francois Jennings of Shreveport LA on 11 August 1934, A D Hiller Ass’t to Administrator states: James Jennings enlisted …on Pacolet River in the 6th South Carolina Regiment, marched under Captain John Montgomery to Charleston, served as private in Captain George Wiley’s company, Colonel William Henderson’s South Carolina regiment, went as far as Saint Johns River with the expedition fitted out against Saint Augustine, was in the attack on Savannah, and served until Charleston was taken, in which he was made prisoner, during which imprisonment his term of three years for which he enlisted expired. He was allowed pension on his application executed November 24, 1818 at which time he was a resident of Caldwell County, Kentucky. He was still residing there in 1820 aged sixty-five years. James Jennings died August 24, 1834….]

Eddyville Nov 30, 1818
Sir: I enclose to you the application of James Jennings for a pension, and I return that of Charles Shelly corrected according to your certificate or indorsement which I also send to show that it is done according to the requirement. I only received the Certificate of Wm Farmer. In the case of George McDowal he may have told the truth in his application although he did defect (?), he might have returned & ?? in Proctors Regt of Artiliary 18 months, afater which might joined the N Carolina Regiment & in the whole have served in the Continental army 3 years & no months, & then have been discharged by Gen A Martin as he has sworn & he may be intitled according to the law with your approbation - he is poor old lame creature though to be homeless. I have not seen him since his application has returned, when I get further evidence of the Truth of what he states & his veracity I may trouble you with his case again. On the 20th of August last I forwarded the Application of Jones, Freeman, & Gore& on the 1st of Oct those of Moore & Williams from which I have had no intelligence. Those old fellows who have received a take (?) of the public bounty from Lexington bank daily bless the name of him who directs ?? these
I am sir very respectfully your ?? ?? M Lyon
To the Secretary at War

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