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Miscellaneous Documents Pages 80-89

This is a continuation of the documents found at the end of the Lyon County Kentucky Lunatic Records.  Reading these documents should remind all genealogy researchers to check unexpected locations for information on their ancestors. People mentioned in these county clerk records are from Illinois, Arkansas, Mississippi and other states, as well as Lyon and the surrounding counties in Kentucky.  By reading these, you might find where a "lost" person moved when leaving Lyon County, or find a business involvement that was unknown to you.  You can find the original documents here:

 Names and companies listed in this set of pages follows:

Page 80 Indenture of Release;  Names and companies listed:  J. U. Kevil, Illinois Central Railroad Company, Chicago-St Louis & New Orleans Railroad Company, Frank Thomas, Jackson Garner, Gus Grooms, U. S. King, W. E. Crumbaugh, E. H. James.
Page 81 Power of Attorney;  Names and companies listed:  Edward Garrett, First National Bank, M. P. Molloy, Commonwealth Life Ins Co, U. S. King, Lena L. King, R. M. Pool.
Page 81 (also)  Power of Attorney;  Names and companies listed:  William Marble, M. P. Molloy, Mary W. Todd, Sereno E. Todd, E. H. James, John W. Hall, John B. Hall, U. S. King.
Page 82  Deed of Release and Power of Attorney;  Names listed:  W. B. Ray, Mrs. Ruth V. Ray, Sallie E. Riley, Brisk Hotel, U. S. King, T. H. Byrd.
Page 83 & 84  Land line dispute/agreement; Names and companies listed:  S. R. Glenn, M. A. Molloy, Braswell Hotel, Lillian M. Braswell, R. B. Leonard, Eddyville Ferry, R. S. Lander?, W. P. Hawkins, Mrs. Mattie Armstrong, E. L. Gresham, Mrs. Molloy, Mrs. M. A. Molloy, U. S. King,
Page 85  Indenture of release;  Names and companies listed:  John Jordan, Illinois Central Railroad Co, Chicago-St Louis & New Orleans Railroad Co, Levi Oliver, Sarah Oliver, Pearl Jordan, E. H. James, U. S. King.
Page 86  Power of Attorney;  Names listed:  J. H. Reed, P. S.? Reed, W. H. Rogers?, T. P. Gray.
Page 87  Power of Attorney, Names listed:  Mrs. Cora H. Duncan, Dr. E. M. Duncan, M. P. Molloy, Mrs. Ellen Holloway, R. S. Mason?, J. H. Holloway, E. D. Martin, W. H. Rogers.
Page 88 Widow renouncing provision of will;  Names listed:  Adeline Waddell, T?. W. Georges Waddell, George D. Sexton, Homer Marshall, Georges T.? W. Waddell, Milton W. Mathews, ?. P. Molloy, W. H. Rogers.
Page 89  Power of attorney;  Names and companies listed:  Ida K. Coleman, R. S. Mason, Will Castelberry, Citizens Bank, Joe Lamruscharpht? , W. H. Rogers.

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