Thursday, January 3, 2013

Miscellaneous Documents Pages 20-29

Pages 20-29 are now ready (see previous posts).  You can find them here:

Here is an index to the pages:

Page 20 Contract; names listed:  T. P. Gray, Cal Young, U. S. King.
Page 20 (also) Power of Attorney; names/companies listed:  P. K. Cooksey, G. H. Dorrah, Morton's Bank, P. B. Ross, S. D. Langley, U. S. King.
Page 21 Contract/Lien;  names listed:  J. M. Holland, H. M. Holland, N. L. Chrisman, Jno. D. McLeod, U. S. King,
Pages 22 & 23  Timber sale;  names and companies listed:  Mrs. Sarah Cox, Charles A. Cox, Ayer & Lord Tie Company, J. J. Stoval, A. C. Barnett, W. B. Barrett, Sarah Rudy Cox, Julian Jackson, U. S. King.
Page 24  Land agreement;  names and companies listed:  T. J. Rogers, W. R. Scillion, Ellen V. Scilliion, U. S. King.
Page 24 (also)  Power of Attorney  names/companies listed:  I. H. C. Stevens, Mary F. Holland, H. C. E. Stevens, U. S. King.
Page 25 Power of Attorney names listed:  Casandra Palsgrave, Cassandra Beldez, Cassandra Bildays, U. S. King, Willis E. Jolly, Cassandra Beldays, U. S. King.
Page 26 & 27  Estate Settlement;  names listed:  Mrs. Julia Glass, W. T. Glass, Mark Glass, Luke Glass, Mrs. Sigurney Stovall, Finis Stovall, Mrs. Clara Lady, E. J. Lady, Marion Glass, Will Waters, S. L. Lady, U. S. King.
Page 28  Lease;  names listed:  Earl Moneymaker, H. C. Stevens Farm, Mary F. Holland, U. S. King.
Page 28 (also)  Deed of conveyance;  D. B. Hunter, Mrs. Mary B. Hunter, U. S. King.
Page 29  Instrument of Agreement; names/companies listed:  Southern Trust Company, United States Steel Corporation, Gracey lot in Eddyville Cemetery, First National Bank, C. W. Bailey, W. N. Cummins, Gracey Childers, R. E. Atkins.

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