Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miscellaneous Documents Pages 10-19

A continuation of the Miscellaneous Documents contained at the end of the Insanity Records Microfilm, pages 10-19 can be found here:

A list of the names, companies and type of document found on each page is as follows:

Page 10 Power of Attorney; names/companies listed:  Ayer & Lord Tie Company, U. S. King, J. M. Lord, Phil R. Smith, A. H. Noyes.
Page 11 Articles of Incorporation;  names/companies listed:  Kuttawa Ice Company, W. H. Tritt, Bartley Skinner, Mrs. W. H. Tritt, A. B. Thomson, U. S. King.
Page 12 Articles of Incorporation;  names/companies listed:  Eddyville Traction Company, Illinois Central Railroad Co., R. M. Dunn, S. R. Glenn, N. W. Utley, O. G. Withers, Owen Withers, M. P. Molloy Jr, U. S. King.
Page 13 Transfer of interest in land;  Marie Winters, W. W. Duncan, R. W. Winters, J. H. Guess, C. W. Davis, U. S. King.
Pages 14 & 15  Lease for Post Office Quarters;  names/companies listed:  United States Postmaster General, Helen Watkins Lander, Robert S. Lander, Frank H Hitchcock, Watkins Building, Walter E. Paul, T. T. Handberry, Uless S. KingR. P. Goodberry(?), Helen W. Lander, C. P. Grand(?).
Page 16 Form of Acknowledgement for Husband and Wife; names listed:  Helen Watkins Lander, Robert S. Lander, Uless S. King, U. S. King.
Page 17 Power of Attorney; names listed:  James A. Tabor, M. F. Bird, H. C. Bird, C. B. Little, U. S. King, Kthleen Sanders (sic).
Page 18 Notice;  names/companies listed:  Timber Brands of Ayer & Lord Tie Company, Ayer & Lord Tie Company, Phil R. Smith, A. H. Noyes, J. B. Lord, U. S. King.
Page 19 Power of Attorney; names listed:  U. S. King, L. H. Riley, J. F. Kinnis, Madie E. McCollum, A. B. Thomson.
Page 19 (also) Sale/Transfer of Land; names/companies listed:  Mrs. Lida Belle McWaters, Turner Hester, John Hester, Dulaney National Bank, Mrs. Nannie F. Hester, Olie G. McWaters, Ollie G. McWaters, U. S. King, T. C. Duff.

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