Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Miscellaneous documents Pages 1-9

Pages 1-9 of the Lyon County Kentucky Miscellaneous Documents (contained on the end of the Insanity Records Microfilm) have been posted here:  http://bit.ly/132fN1V

The names and information for these nine pages is as follows:

Page 1 Property Lease; names/companies listed:  F. E. deGraffenried, U. S. King, H. G. Luton, W. P. Gillahan, B. L. Fulks
Page 2:  Lease;  East Tennessee Telephone Company, W. B. Jones, A. B. Thomson, Leland Hume, U.S. King
Page 3:  Power of Attorney; Names listed:  N. O. Gray, W. A. Sexton, C. H. Linn, A. B. Thomson, O. N. Gray (this is probably a typo), U. S. King
Page 4  Sale of company; Names/companies listed:  Tanner & Baer, B. Baer, Frank Tanner, E. H. James, U. S. King
Page 4 Articles of Incorporation; Names/Companies Listed:  Kuttawa Ferry Association, C. H. Linn, E. D. Marshall, Hugh Wake, A. B. Thomson, Bartley Skinner, Kuttawa Perriage Association, C. C. Molloy, U. S. King
Page 5 Power of Attorney;  Names/Companies listed:  National Surety Co, U. S. King, Alves Norwood Webb, J. W. McMullen, J. R. Wells, W. C. Armitage, M. P. Coughlin
Page 6  Release of lien and power of attorney; Names listed:  Mrs. Minnie Conant, U. S. King, Ada E. Richardson, Everett B. Richardson, F. J. Lothrop
Page 7 Mortgage Release and Power of Attorney; Names/Companies listed:  Fredonia Valley Bank, E. H. James, Hugh Lyon, C. B. Loyd, Edward Rice, U. S. King
Page 8  Lease;  Names listed:  R. M. Dunn, J. A. Holton, Electric Light Company of Eddyville, U. S. King
Page 9  Articles of Incorporation; Names/Companies listed:  Barnett - Ramey Mercantile Company, C. V. Barnett, J. F. Ramey, D. N. Ramey, J. M. Smith, U. S. King

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