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Miscellaneous Documents Pages 50-59

Continuation of the pages found at the end of the microfilm of Lyon County Kentucky Insanity Records.  You can view the originals here:

The names and companies listed on pages 50-59:

Page 50 Power of Attorney; Names Listed:   H. Edward Rice, U. S. King, S. S. Prewitt, Mable Prewitt, N. J. Byrd. Ethel Byrd.
Page 51 Power of Attorney;  Names listed:  D. A. Glenn, C. C. Molloy, J. C. Glenn, D. K. Williams, Mrs. Dora Glenn, G. S. Summers, Ethel Byrd, U. S. King.
Page 52  Power of Attorney; Names listed:  Eliza Jane Williams, Dora Cooper, Anderson Williams, Herman Williams, Armstrong Williams, D. K. Williams, C. C. Molloy, Eliza Williams, J. C. Glenn, Calvin V. Terence, U. S. King, Ethel Byrd.
Page 53  Conveyance to heirs;  Names listed:  Mrs. Docia Fulks, John Fulks, Looney Fulks, Frank Fulks, William Fulks, J. L. Fulks, Mrs. M. L. Mitchussin, Ransey Fulks, Joseph Fulks, Aaron Fulks, Purdy Bloodworth, Caroline Fulks Bloodworth, B. D. Fulks, L. F. Fulks, L. R. Fulks, W. L. Mitchussen, W. Fulks, A. L. Fulks, U. S. King, W.Y.K.(?).
Page 54  Schedule of Assets and Liabilities;  Names and companies listed:  N. K. Daniel and Son.  Mrs. N. K. Daniel, John Daniel, D. Green, U. S. King, W.Y.K.(?).
Pamco (?) Co,
Armour & Co,
The Harker Pottery Co,
Baker, Eccles & Co.,
Covington Bros. & Co.,
Coleman, Clark & Co,
T. E. Ford,
Evansville Oil Co.,
Gast Croft & Co.,
Bradis & Gheens,
Hamilton Scale & Tank Co,
H. J. Hines Co,
W. A. Hildebrand & Co.
R. U. Kevil & Son,
Myers, Barker & Co,
Old Kentucky Manufacturing Co,
National Pickle & Canning Co,
Neitert Produce Co,
East Side Packing Co,
Phillips, Butterf Mfg Co,
Ragen Bros,
Roth, Homeyer Coffee Co,
Swift & Co,
Johnson, Laybe Coffee Co,
National Biscuit Co,
Cheek, Neal Coffee Co,
Schottan Coffee Co,
Schettan Coffee Co,
Naas, Sanderson Coffee Co,
Smith Paper Co,
Forbes Bros,
W. S. Vick Grocery Co,
Price, Lucas & Co,
Zimmeister Coffee Co,
Phillips, Trawick & Co,
Crider Roller Mills,
Frank Kirchoff,
Barger & Golightly,
R. H. Pennington,
D. M. Ferry Seed Co,
Union Candy Co,
Garnett Carter Co,
Kruse & Bahlmann Hardware Co,
Page 55  Promissory Note;  Names Listed:  Miss Bertie Prescott, Howard Prescott, Mrs. Bessie Keeney, U. S. King.
Page 56 Power of Attorney;  Names and Companies listed:  Hillman Land & Iron Company, J. N. Esselstyn, E. H. Simmons, G. W. Simmons, Luther W. Crenshaw, U. S. King.
Page  57  Amendment to Articles of Incorporation;  Names and Companies listed:  Bartley Skinner, G. P. Ordway, Hugh Wake, A. J. Thomsen, N. W. Utley Sr., N. W. Utley Jr, C. C. Molloy.
Page 57 (also)  Power of Attorney;  Levi Sexton, U. S. King, J. T. Sexton, Levi Oliver, C. C. Molloy, U. S. King.
Page 58  Partitioning of land;  Names listed:  A. C. Ramey, Mrs. P. B. Collins, W. L. Collins, Jennie T. Rudy, Tinsley-Rudy tract, W. E. Johnson, M. F. DeGraffenried, Walter Young, Nick Doom, T. B. Collins, M. P. Molloy, U. S. King.
Page 59  Power of Attorney;  Names and companies listed:  Edward Garrett, U. S. King, S. R. Glenn, Mrs. Effie M. Gray, N. O. Gray, N. M. Pool, U. S. King.
Page 59 (also)  Contract for securing corn;  Mrs. A. A. Gray, Loraine Lyon, J. C. Gray, U. S. King.

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