Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miscellaneous Documents Pages 70-79

One thing to say:  I wish the clerks, who were typing these 1914-1917 records would have cleaned their typewriter keys or replaced their typewriter ribbons more often.  You'll see some "?" marks starting to appear in my name transcriptions, as the letters o, a, e and some others, are starting to become indistinguishable, since they're looking like one "blob".  Ugh!!

A continuation of those documents found at the end of the Lyon County Kentucky Insanity Records.  You can find the scanned documents here:  http://bit.ly/11xptDo

A list of the names and companies listed on these pages follows:

Page 70 Power of Attorney;   Names and companies listed:  U. S. King, Effie M. Gray, John W. Sanders, First National Bank, Edward Garrett, R. E. Butler, R. M. Pool.
Page 71 Power of Attorney; Names and companies listed:  F. W. Smith, J. M. Smith, John L. Smith, J. H. Nickell, Carrie F. Haight, U. S. King.
Page 72 Articles of Incorporation;  Names and companies listed:  Cumberland Electric Co., B. W. Doom, M. J. Beard, D. A. Doom, W. M. Beard, R. W. Wake, U. S. King.
Page 73  Certificate of Business;  Names and companies listed:  Murray Marble Works, R. D. Simpson, Joe Boyee?, Hugh Melugin?
Page 74  Power of Attorney;  Names and companies listed:  Edward Jarrett, U. S. King, Kate Martin, Luther Martin, R. M. Pool, U. S. King
Page 75  Power of Attorney;  Names Listed:  J. T. Parker, H. M. James, M. B. Fruit, R. F.? Parker, M. B. Pruitt.
Page 76  Trust Deed;  Names and companies listed:  Henry Martin & Co, Henry Martin, Mrs. H. B. Lyon, L S Dubois Son & Company, Walter Martin, W. L. Brumbaugh. U. S. King, Lillian M Braswell, Lillian Gray, E. H. James.
Page 77 & 78  Telephone Company lease;  Names and companies listed:  W. B. Jones, Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Company, (Inc.), M. H. Quin, J. F. Beard, D. F. Memburly, C. C. Molloy, Carroll Weisieger, D. F. Turnbull, U. S. King.
Page 79  Power of Attorney;  Names and companies listed:  First National Bank, U. S. King, Herman Knoth, Ernestene H. Knoth, Edgar Garrett, R. M. Pool, U. S. King.

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