Sunday, January 6, 2013

Miscellaneous Documents Pages 40-49

This a continuation of the Lyon County Miscellaneous Records found at the end of the Insanity Records microfilm.  Images can be found here:

The following is a list of the names of people and companies from the above pages:

Page 40 Power of attorney and mortgage release; Names and companies listed:  First National Bank, U. S. King, Mrs. Effie M. Gray, N. O. Gray, Edward Garrett, R. M. Pool
Page 41 Release of lien;  Names and companies listed:  T. H. Paine, Citizens Bank of Kuttawa, Th. N. Paine, U. S. King, Bartley, Skinner, C. C. Molloy, Geo. A. Sledge.
Pages 42 & 43  Locomotive lease;  Names and companies listed:  Davenport Locomotive Works, Alex McGaveck, Scott Candy, A. Sebeliin?, John J. Kastlin, U. S. King.
Page 44  Contract/Order;  Names and companies listed:  Western Wheeler Scraper Co., Walsh Construction, Alex McGaveck, I. C. R. R., F. O. B. Cars, Western Wheeled Scraper Company, U. S. King.
Page 45  Release of lien;  Names listed:  James M. Doom, Maggie Doom, Thomas Holland, U. S. King, J. E. Ramsey.
Page 46  Power of Attorney for mortgage release;  Names listed:  T. P. White, W. S. Craig, Geo. H. Brandon, U. S. King, Fred George.
Page 47  Power of Attorney for lien discharge;   Names listed:  Mrs. M. H. Puryear, MIss Rina Eades, M. H. Puryear, Wm Eades, W. N. Eades, S. R. Glenn, McPhail land, N. W. Eades, E. H. Puryear, U. S. King, Fred George.
Page 48  Power of Attorney for lien discharge;   Names listed:  Mrs. Annie L. Collins, Miss Annie L. Eades, N. W. Eades, S. R. Glenn, Mrs. M. H. Puryear, McPhail land, Nevins Arnold, U. S. King, Fred George.
Page 49  Lyon County settlements by Superintendent of Schools;  Names and companies listed:  T. P. Gray, N. G. Martin, U. S. King, Fred George.

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