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One of our Daniel Atchleys

This document was one of those great finds in a little folder in the genealogical library in Sevierville TN. This Daniel Atchley has been confused in several genealogy postings by others with his father, Daniel Atchley. This record made it clear that THIS Daniel Atchley was a brother to our Amos Atchley who moved to Arkansas.

Sevier County TN Court Record:Case #278

To the Honorable O P Temple Chancellor presiding at Sevierville, Tennessee.

Your Orator J T Trotter, a citizen of Sevier County Tenn humbly complaining, showeth unto your Honor, that about the year 1861, Daniel Atchley departed this life, intestate, in Sevier County, seized and posessed of 22 acres of land, lying in Sevier County District No 7, comprising two small tracts of cleared land, containing about 17 acres adjoining the lands of your orator and heirs of Sarah Atchly and a small tract of wood land, of about five acres adjoining the lands of your Orator and C Hardin.

Your Orator further showeth that the following named brothers and descendants of brothers, and sisters, are the only heirs at law, of said intestate, and inherit the above described lands, viz;

  • Seth Atchley a brother and citizen of Arkansas.
  • The descendants of Jesse Atchley a deceased brother, to wit: two sons Enoch and Calvin, and six daughters viz: Martha who married A. Price, Derusha, who married Thos. Hawkins, Delila who is dead leaving an only child M A George,Lucinda who is dead leaving three children viz: John Trotter, Jesse Trotter, and Minerva Harris
    (formerly Trotter), who married Wm Harris, Rachael who is also dead leaving five children viz: Enoch Denton, G T Denton, Elizabeth Denton, Calvin Denton and Mary Bean (formerly Denton) who married _____ Bean and Minerva Davis (formerly Atchley) who married Josiah Davis, all the descendants of Jesse Atchley dec'd are citizens of Bradley Court except Calvin Atchley and Josiah Davis and wife Minerva who are non-residents.
  • The descendants of Joseph Atchley also a deceased brother of said intestate are as follows to wit: Wesley, William, Joseph, Martha who married Jacob Parrott, Amy O who married Thomas Langston and Rebecca who married William Atchley, all citizens of Sevier County and Penelope who married Elijah Nichols both of Jefferson County and all being sons and daughters of said Joseph Atchley dec'd.
  • The descendants of William Atchley also a deceased brother of said intestate are as follows to wit: three sons Pleasant, Clabourne and James and one daughter Mary H who married Benjamin Langston, all citizens of Sevier County, but the interests of said James and Clabourne in said land belong to Orator.
  • Mille, a deceased sister of said intestate left but one child, Minerva, whose interest in said land belongs to your Orator.
  • Mima Maples a deceased sister of said intestate left six children viz: Preston Maples, Jackson Maples and Mary Newman (formerly Maples) who married ______ Newman, who is dead, all citizens of Bradley County and two sons whose names and residences are unknown.
  • Joshua Atchley another deceased brother of said intestate, left the following children viz: Daniel Atchley, a citizen of Bradley County and William and Nancy, who married _____ Hickman, non residents and probably others, but their names, number and residences are unknown to your Orator.
  • Martin Atchley another dec'd brother of said intestate, left a son, Joshua Atchly, a citizen of James County and other children whose names and residences are unknown to your Orator.
  • Amos Atchley a deceased brother and
  • Alice Moore a deceased sister of said intestate, each left children but your Orator has not been able to acertain their number, names or residences.

Your Orator has made diligent inquiry and the above are all the heirs of said Daniel Atchley, whose names and residences he has obtained.

He states, that on account of the small quantity of said land and the large number and inequality of interests therin, it will be impossible to partition the ??? in the usual way and that it will be manifestly to the interest of all parties to sell the same for partition.

[........ the names are repeated etc etc.]

A later paper in the file:
Be it remembered that on this 13th day of April 1874 this cause came on to be finally heard
before the Hon O.P. Temple Chanceller.....[J T Trotter bought the land!!]....[J T Trotter seems to be a sibling of Sarah Trotter Atchley - maybe there was a conflict of interest there?]

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