Monday, February 25, 2008

A Non-genealogy Day

I interacted with living descendants today and this past weekend, instead of dead ancestors. The big ball game was in Memphis (Univ of Memphis vs University of TN), so we had two of our kids and a boyfriend of one in town. Everyone wore Memphis blue except the orange attired boyfriend. I think a good time was had by all. Math majors should be able to estimate, but I invited all the local family over for chili Friday night and ran out of chili before our niece and her family even arrived. I caught her, by phone, in the line at McDonalds (buying nuggets for the two year old) so she went ahead and bought dinner for her whole family!! I guess I owe her one... AND I need to buy a bigger crockpot. My two nephews stayed with me today while their mom helped a family member in the hospital, so maybe keeping a 2 month old and a 2 year old most of the day is partial payback for no chili!!! Our son went home today, taking back his 3 cats we'd been catsitting while he was out of town the last 4 months; our daughter and her boyfriend (and their puppy) left yesterday; the nephews have gone home. It's certainly extremely quiet here tonight. Makes me reflect. Moms can be annoying to their kids (no matter their age). I can remember my mom saying "you won't let me do anything for you"; and those words came out of MY mouth yesterday. They're so much like I was. Wish we could pour all the knowledge of the mistakes we've made into their heads, but I guess they need to learn it all the hard way, just like we did. Life is awfully short. I wish they all lived closer. Oh well. Life goes on.....

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