Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finding Living Individuals on the Net

I read a great suggestion, that hadn't occured to me, in a Kim Komando newsletter (technology interest newsletter - ).

We lose touch over time with old friends, and would like to find them. I've used the usual phone search sites and alumni sites, but the suggestion in the newsletter was to place the full name and location of the person you'd like to find in your blog or online web page. The reasoning behind this is that people often "Google" themselves, and content on blogs is searched by search engines, including Google. I'm going to try it right now, and will let you know if it ever brings results. My husband was a military brat and moved often as a child. He developed few long term friendships because of the moves. He attended Biloxi High School his junior year (1966) and Pensacola High School his senior year (1967). He had a very good friend that I'd like to find for him. His friend was Norman E. Clarke. He played the accordian (it was the 60's!!). I'll type his name in other ways to help any search engine: Norman Clarke, Norman Clark.

Well, that's the 21st century version of a note in a bottle.....

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Anonymous said...

i don't know if you remember katie keough, but that is how she found me, i think. she must have googled my name and my blog popped up. i hadn't heard from her since elementary school? pretty amazing/troubling; subconsciouly that's probably one of the reasons i stopped my blog... it's a tracking construct ;-)

the "wandering son"