Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Didn't See THAT Coming & Other Surprises

I found this picture in a group of old pictures. It's supposed to be Connie Bell Oliver (1908 - 1952) , one of my first cousins once removed. I thought it was such a "cute" picture of her apron and bonnet and the fence. I then scanned in the picture, and it became obvious that she's shooting a gun. It's not a big deal, it was just such a surprise. Maybe I should scan in even more pictures and see what's "hidden" in them.

My maternal grandfather was Elwood Gray. He had a twin brother named Fred. They were born in 1884. I found the following in the Lyon County Kentucky Criminal Court Records:

17 Aug 1903: Elwood Gray was fined $10 for running a horse on the highway.

18 Aug 1903: Fred Gray was fined $20 for "disturbing religious worship".

I wonder what the story was behind that wild weekend?

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Anonymous said...

i didn't notice the gun until you pointed it out; it does come as a shock, though, like you said, it shouldn't necessarily be a shock.

you see, it's in genes to be a sh*t disturber.

the 'wandering son'