Sunday, March 29, 2009

SB Pages 10-11 and start of BOOK THREE Lyon County KY Lunatic Inquest Book

These two pages are unreadable. I'm going to skip them for now and take the tape back to the library to rescan those pages in hopes of having a better copy. I'll add these two pages in later if I can read them.

These two pages ended the second book. There is an:


page, then the start of the next book which reads:

Records Filmed for (use name of agency)
Lyon County, Kentucky
County Clerk
Eddyville, Kentucky 42038
Title of Record Series
Lunatic Inquest Book
L1748 series number (agency records retention schedule)
Earliest date of record: 1911
Latest Date of record: 1918
Book Index: Bound in Book
General Index available: NO
Filming arrangement (alphabetical, chronological, numberical, etc): Chronological

Next Page:


There are several pages that are either unreadable or blank that seem to be index pages, with the tabbed letters on the outside of the page. The only readable page of this section shows:

Yates Mary Etta 84

[the 84 doesn't seem to correspond to any page 84 in any of the Lunatic Inquest Sections that I can find. Could it have been an age?]

There are 97 pages in this next section, and the forms have changed from the previous books/sections. There are still two pages per "lunatic" and the information is pretty much the same as before, but it has just been rearranged. These 97 pages also start again with page one, so as I called the previous section SECOND BOOK and numbered the pages as SB1, SB2, etc, I'll number these as THIRD BOOK and TB1, TB2 etc.

I'll start this book within the next few days.

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