Sunday, March 15, 2009

NO NAME - Page 221 Lyon County KY Lunatic Inquest Book

[Several previous entries had been out of sync, and this page had no “first page” with it, therefore there was no name for the person given.]

Page 221

Brief History of Case

1.(a) Age – 30 years
(b) Occupation - convict
(c) Married or Single - single
(d) Habits -
(e) Educated - limited
2.(a) What relations have been insane – uncle on fathers side
3.(a) Date of first attack – at 6 years old
(b) How exhibited – by [unreadable]
(c) Has it changed in character at any any former period – grown worse
4.(a) Supposed cause - Unknown
(b) Any peculiar illusions and what – [unreadable]
(c) Subject to fits. No How long -
From what cause -
(d) Natural Temper – not [unreadable]
5.(a) Attempt at suicide - no
(b) Violence toward others – at times
6.Periodic frenzy -
7.(a) Restraint imposed - none
(b) Treatment used – don’t know
(c) Bleeding - none
8. Injury about head - yes

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