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M F DUNN - Pages 176-177 Lyon County KY Lunatic Inquest Book

[Note from Debbie: Five unrelated documents were placed on top of pages 176 and 177 for the microfilm. These documents follow, with the associated page number that shows beside the document.]

Page 176

The affiants E S Wilford, and C M Meriwether, say that they are regular practicing physicians, in Lyon County and that on the 16th day of June 1907 they were called to and did make a personal examination of one Mrs. Orpha McCoy, and find her to be insane and that it would be unsafe for her to be taken in person before the court for an inquest.
They further say that she is a proper subject for the insane-asylum

Signed by: C M Meriwether MD
And E S Wilferd MD
Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 17th day of June 1907
My Com expires Jan 27th 1908
Signed: Walter L Krone
Notary Public Lyon County

Page 177

The affiants A D Purdy, and E S Wilford, MD of Kuttawa Lyon county Ky. Say that they are regular practicing physicians and graduates of medicing and that they each for himself has personally examined Mrs. Stella, Perryman, and find her of unsound mind, and incompetent to manage her estate if she has any and that her condition is such that it would be unsafe to bring her into the court.

Signed: A D Purdy MD
E S Wilferd MD

State of Kentucky.
Lyon County

I Walter L Krone Notary Public, in and for the county and State aforesaid certify that A D Purdy, and E S Wilferd MD have subscribed and sworn to the above statement before me this the 5th day of August 1905
My Com. Expires Jan 27th 1908

Signed: Walter L Krone
Notary Public Lyon County

Page 176

Filed June 17 1907
J W H?? Clk

Page 176

Kentucky Branch Penitentiary
Eddyville, KY Jan 9th, 1910
Prisoner’s Record

Name of Prisoner: James Wagner
County: Jefferson
Age of Prisoner 23 when received
Crime Charged: Murder
Term of Court: January 1907
Sentence: Life
When Received at Prison: Feb. 8th 1907
Deportment: ____________

Attest: H T Hageessman {?}, Warden Kentucky Branch Penitentiary

Page 177

The affiant A D Purdy says that the is a regular practicing physician located at Kuttawa in Lyon County Ky, and that he has personally examined W H Sexton as to his mental condition which he did on yesterday and that he found him to be a luntic [sic] absolutely devoid of reason, that he is absolutely incapacitated to attend to any business or to control his estate or to exercise control over any thing owned by him, or to exercise reason about any matter. He further says that he is so violently insane that it would not be safe to attempt to bring him into Court for a personal examination and that it would be detrimental to attempt to do so.

Signed: A D Purdy MD
Subscribed and sworn to before me by A D Purday this the 11th, day of August 1903

Signed: Sam C Molloy, Notary Public Lyon Co Ky

Page 176
Special Term
State of Kentucky ] SCT State of Ky, Lyon Co
Lyon County Court May 16 1905
M F Dunn ] Lunatic

This day W L Krone, Attorney for the Commonwealth, filed an information as follows, to-wit:

To Hon. W L Crumbaugh, Judge of the Lyon County Court:
I am reliably informed that M F Dunn is a person of unsound mind, and a lunatic and therefore ask that a jury be impaneled to pass upon the subject.

Walter L Krone County Attorney Lyon County
Ordered by the Court, That F H Molloy Esq, an Attorney of this Court, be and he is hereby appointed to defend for and on behalf of the person under trial.

To inquire, etc., comes a jury to-wit: C J Gresham, Will Gregory, F J Brown, I H Gray, W S Scott, J F Ramey, C W Mayhugh, W R Skillian, G E Crumbaugh, J B Withers, J W Cummins & Levi Oliver

who being duly impaneled and sworn according to law, after hearing the evidence, returned the following verdict, viz: We of the jury find from the evidence that M F Dunn is a person of unsound mind and a lunatic; that the unsoundness of mind that he was born in Lyon Co Ky, and resides in Lyon Co Ky and is 41 years old; that he was not brought into this State for the purpose of becoming a charge upon the Commonwealth; that he owns no estate of any kind; that his father and mother are dead sufficient to support the person under trial; and said he is not capable of laboring either in whole or in part for his support.

[signatures of jurors listed above with foreman listed]
[foreman] J B Withers

wherefore it is adjudged by the Court that said M F Dunn is of unsound mind and a violent lunatic and that he be immediately conveyed to the asylum at Hopkinsville Kentucky, and R M Dunnis appointed to convey him to said asylum and he is allowed ___ guard.

Attest: W L Crumbaugh Judge Lyon County Court

Page 177

Brief History of Case

1.(a) Age - 41
(b) Occupation - farmer
(c) Married or Single - married
(d) Habits - temperate
(e) Educated - moderately
2.(a) What relations have been insane – Bro. now in asylum
3.(a) Date of first attack – about 10 years ago
(b) How exhibited – has fits
(c) Has it changed in character at any any former period – grown worse
4.(a) Supposed cause – blow on head
(b) Any peculiar illusions and what -
(c) Subject to fits. Yes How long – 10 years
From what cause – blow on head
(d) Natural Temper - yes
5.(a) Attempt at suicide - no
(b) Violence toward others - no
6.Periodic frenzy - yes
7.(a) Restraint imposed - guarded
(b) Treatment used - none
(c) Bleeding - no
8. Injury about head - yes


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Hi there, Debbie. You and I corresponded briefly a few years back about some Dunn/Mackey ancestors of mine and now I find this great blog of yours. How wonderful it is to read the great entries and to find you again. :) Best wishes! Denise

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