Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I love getting a new book

I had ordered a cemetery book back in March, and had completely forgotten that I'd ordered it. That made the surprise package that arrived in the mail today even more fun. I usually buy any book pertaining to Caldwell, Lyon or Trigg counties in Kentucky. This book is "Cemeteries of Cadiz and Trigg County, Kentucky" by David Sumner, Kim Fortner, Pam Metts & Charles Morris. I already own the following books on Trigg county: the "Trigg County Handbook" by Neel; "LBL Cemeteries" by Maupin; "Trigg County Cemeteries" by (no author or publication date listed). This new book has a great index. A couple of the previous books have the kind of index that just lists the last name of the person, and if you're a Smith or a Gray, you'll spend a few hours searching all the relevant (or irrelevant) pages.

I've been asked to teach "Getting Stated in Genealogy" again. I think this one will be in August.

Next week is my genealogy class at Samford University in Birmingham.
It will be hard being away from work for a whole week, so soon after starting back to work, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'll try to blog about the experience. There are some evening classes too, so the posts might be short. My college senior daughter is also attending a genealogy class at Samford next week. It will be fun seeing genealogy research through the eyes of the new researcher.

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