Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hard to get back in the swing of it

I've been home from Samford for 2 weeks now and catching up is hard!!

I got the genealogy bug again this week when someone posted a query on the TOWNE family forum at rootsweb/ancestry. I did a few nights of research there are had a good break when I found an obituary on the person from the ancestry small newspaper files in Minnesota. I started looking for some of the folks who had attended the funeral from "out of town", and discovered that one of them seems to be a sister (they had only given the name as Mrs W C Barnes) and another was probably a niece (name given as Mrs Clarence Hillig). It was fun tracing those and trying to tie them back into the person for whom I was searching. The problem was that her name was Elma Town, and she was born between 1884 and 1886, so without the 1890, we lose track of her until she's a married woman in 1905. I found what SHOULD be her in the 1900, listed as ALMA TOWN, but the birth year is off by 10 years in this census, so I can't be sure. Hopefully the person looking for Elma will write for her death certificate (she died in the 1940's) and it will assist in solving the mystery.

It was a fun exercise. Keep those brain cells active.

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