Saturday, June 14, 2008

Samford University IGHR Day 5

Day 5 covered: Onomatology and Church Records, both taught by Bockstruck.

Onomatology is the study of names, and he went through example after example of interesting things that can happen to names, whether it's a change on purpose by a person, a change in translation of the name of an immigrant, or misreading of a name by the person doing the abstraction or index.

The second session was on church records and we learned where church records might be found, the types of records that might be available, the types of records kept by different religions, the WPA inventories of church records. It was a very interesting discussion.

The week ended at noon after we had received our certificates. I took some pictures at the Thursday night banquet, a few of the school grounds and buildings, one of our instructor, Lloyd Bockstruck, one of Paul Milner - the Thursday night speaker. The above picture is our instructor, Lloyd Bockstruck.
I really enjoyed the class. I'll post the other pics in another blog entry. Back to work on Monday!!

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