Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Fun Day

I taught my class on "Getting Started in Genealogy" again today. It's always such fun to meet people who are just getting into it. It's also hard to see the look in their eyes at the overwhelming information I'm trying to give them. Usually, by the end of the class they're a little more relieved and ready to get started on the search. There are so many things you need to know to get started, but it's hard to break it down into smaller bites.

It was also fun because my daughter attended the class today too. She did a good job of acting as my "control". Many times a speaker will "assume" that the class knows something. My daughter would stop me and ask a question that she knew the audience might have, but were too shy to ask. This class did get pretty good at asking questions though. Thanks Riley.

I guess I now need to get ready for my next genealogy adventure: the week long class at Samford in Birmingham. My daughter will be taking a genealogy class there at the same time too. More fun. All these things "light the fire" of fun for genealogy again.

What a beautiful spring day. Hope everyone is enjoying it.
Still looking for that project for the blog....

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