Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something lighter and cuter

I've been posting the lunatic records for a few weeks now, and have many more to go, but as I was hanging up clothes in my closet tonight, I looked up on the shelf and saw the following letter sticking out of a basket. This letter was written during the week of 21 June 1996. It was from my daughter who was nine years old at the time, and was at a Girl Scout camp near Nashville. She had attended with a friend named Holly, and Nashville is about three hours away from our home. This is the same daughter who attended Samford genealogy classes with me last summer [the summer of her 21st birthday]. As an explanation, Dylan is one of her brothers. Here's her pitiful little letter:

Dear Mom & Dad

Camp is HOT. The first night the lights would come back on, and there were mice in the cabins plus bats. The water taste[s] nasty. Mom I know I'm homesick because I even miss Dylan now that's what I call homesick. One girl has chiggers and Holly fell off a horse, also some girls got stepped on by a horse. I just now got your letter it got lost. We're not having a great great time because we're so homesick (actually the whole camp is). The food is not so good. I watched you walk out of the site and that's when I got stung by a wasp. They don't even have a phone plus I wish you could come get [me]. I really miss ya'll please.
Your princess,

[Wasn't that a pitiful letter? Good thing the letters didn't arrive until AFTER the camp was over!!! I think it was the wasp stinging her as I walked out of the camp that got to me the most, AND her little southern "ya'll" - that hasn't changed, luckily.]

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