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JOHN SHAFER - Pages 26-27 Lyon County KY Lunatic Inquest Book

Page 26

State of Kentucky ] SCT Special Term - State of Ky, Lyon Co
Lyon County Court Eddyville, Ky Mch 6, 1891
John Shafer ] Lunatic

This day W W Martin Protem Attorney for the Commonwealth, filed an information as follows, to-wit:

To Hon. W L Crumbaugh, Judge of the Lyon County Court:
I am reliably informed that John Shafer is a person of unsound mind, and a lunatic and therefore ask that a jury be impaneled to pass upon the subject.

W W Martin Protem County Attorney
Ordered by the Court, That F A Wilson Esq, an Attorney of this Court, be and he is hereby appointed to defend for and on behalf of the person under trial. John Shafer

To inquire, etc., comes a jury to-wit: R C Holloway, J B Freeman, J F Yates, G Nuckolls, W T Glass, H L Martin, Caleb Warfield, P A Beck, L B Lacey, Garrett Reed, C C Glasgow and M P Malloy

who being duly impaneled and sworn according to law, after hearing the evidence, returned the following verdict, viz: We of the jury find from the evidence that John Shafer is a person of unsound mind and a lunatic; that the unsoundness of mind was produced by epilepsy that he was born in Lyon Co Ky, and resides in said co & state and is 23 or 24 years old; that he was not brought into this State for the purpose of becoming a charge upon the Commonwealth; that he owns no estate of any kind; that his father is alive and mother dead and reside in [parent_reside] Missouri and has not estate sufficient to support the person under trial; and said John Shafer is not capable of laboring either in whole or in part for his support.

[signatures of jurors listed above with foreman listed]

wherefore it is adjudged by the Court that said John Shafer is of unsound mind and a lunatic and that he be immediately conveyed to the asylum at Hopkinsville Kentucky, and J C Church is appointed to convey him to said asylum and he is allowed one guard.

Attest: W L Crumbaugh Judge Lyon County Court

Page 27

Brief History of Case

1.(a) Age - about 23 or 24 years old
(b) Occupation - laborer
(c) Married or Single - single
(d) Habits - sober
(e) Educated - but little
2.(a) What relations have been insane - none so far as knows
3.(a) Date of first attack - In extreme infancy
(b) How exhibited - By epileptic fits
(c) Has it changed in character at any any former period - Has grown gradually worse
4.(a) Supposed cause - Epilepsy
(b) Any peculiar illusions and what - none
(c) Subject to fits. yes How long - from infancy
From what cause - unknown
(d) Natural Temper - mile
5.(a) Attempt at suicide - no
(b) Violence toward others - no
6.Periodic frenzy - quite frequent of late
7.(a) Restraint imposed - none
(b) Treatment used - none
(c) Bleeding - don't know
8. Injury about head - don't know
9. Attest W L Crumbaugh Judge Lyon Co Ct

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