Monday, June 4, 2012

I survived the scanning.

[continued from previous post].... I finally finished last night.  I now have 477 images from the Lyon County microfilm.  The contracts ended up being 485 pages (they were scanned 2 pages per image), so there were 243 images of just those contracts.  The other pages were the lunatic records.  Haven't decided if I'll post an index to them or transcribe them.  Looks like a job that could take a year or more.  I guess I'll look at them in more detail and see if they look like they would interest anyone.  I saw a couple of leases/contracts where the phone company was giving a landowner $5.00 to place a telephone/telegraph pole on the landowner's property.  Some mentioned the Illinois Railroad.  Residents in the area are listed in all these, sometimes representing the companies.  Some mention people from outside Lyon County who USED to be residents of the county.  That could be genealogically important if someone was trying to find a family.  These records cover 1911-1921.  I'll post more later.

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