Sunday, May 1, 2011

Posts should resume in about ONE MONTH

I've not posted on my blog in a year and a half. I had returned to work and for that first year away from my blog, was working to convert 60,000 patient records and a doctor's office to a digital system. It was extremely time consuming, but successful. Last January, after declaring the conversion project complete, I left to return to teaching. I've been an interim teacher in a Memphis City School, teaching 8th graders Algebra and PreAlgebra. The school year will be over the end of May 2011, and I'm not planning to return for the fall. This SHOULD mean I will again have time to devote to the blog. All along, I've stayed active in the Tennessee Genealogical Society by teaching classes and holding the once a month Let's Discuss It sessions; held three regional Towne Family Association meetings/get-togethers and worked with my husband on an ongoing class action he's handling. I look forward to being able to have more genealogy time. See you in a month!!

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Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

Looking forward to your return to blogging, Debbie.