Monday, April 27, 2009

A New WONDERFUL, FREE, Tennessee Genealogy Resource

The Tennessee Genealogical Society has been publishing it's quarterly publication, ANSEARCHIN' NEWS, since 1954. The society has decided to place this valuable resource on it's web site and make the information available for FREE to researchers. They are still in the process, but have placed all issues through 1989 on their site. The search process might take a bit of patience and involves a two step process. Use the SEARCH link on the page to search for a keyword [surname, county etc.]. After you determine the volume that contains your keyword, and have displayed that volume, you'll use your PDF search facility to again find your keyword in that volume. These are LARGE PDF files, and I found that Adobe Reader was irritatingly slow, so I downloaded and installed FOXIT [there's a link on the TNGS web site] and was MUCH happier.

The Tennessee Genealogical Society Web Site is:
The link to the ANSEARCHIN' NEWS ARCHIVE can be found in the left hand column of the above web page.

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