Sunday, April 22, 2018

These links will be useful to those who have attended the DNA Part 1 Class on Choosing a DNA Test.  While you're waiting for your ordered test results to be available, read, read, read.

Learn about DNA:
1.  Beginner's Guide of DNA Resources (ISOGG):'_guides_to_genetic_genealogy
2.  Learn about genetic genealogy (ISOGG):
3.  Genealogical DNA testing myths (OSOGG):
4.  Genetics Glossary (ISOGG):
5.  Autosomal DNA (ISOGG):
6.  Mitochondrial DNA (ISOGG):
7.  Y-chromosome DNA (ISOGG):

HINT:  After you have ordered your DNA kit and before you receive your results, log in to the company from which you ordered the test, read the FAQ and Help files and tutorials.  Also create or upload your tree to the site and set up your profile for the site.  After your DNA results are available, LINK your DNA to your name on your tree.  Now comes the hard work, analysis AND fun!

DNA Link Pages:
Cyndi's List of DNA Resources:
Genie Links -

YouTube has MANY videos on Getting Started with DNA Research
Example: Do a search on YouTube for  DNA Bettinger or search for DNA genealogy, you'll see several interviews and classes by Blaine Bettinger and useful videos.

Useful charts, tools and methods to help in determining relationships with DNA:
1.  Shared cM Project chart -
2.  The McGuire Method:
3.  X-Chromosome inheritance charts -
4.  Y and Mitochondrial (mtDNA) inheritance -
5.  Mirror Trees -
6.  More on Mirror Trees -
          (update 4 Jul 2018 - Mirror Trees are used less often now)
7.  DNA Mapping -
9.  More on DNAGEDCOM -
10.  DNA Painter Part 1 -
11.  DNA Painter Part 2 -
12.  DNA Painter Parts 3 & 4 - TBD
13.  The DNA Green Chart -
14.  MAPMY23 - tool for transferring Ancestry data to FamilyTreeDNA  -
15.  Genetic Genealogy Using GEDMATCH -

Blogs on DNA:
1.  DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy - Blog by Roberta Estes -
2.  The Genetic Genealogist - Blog by Blaine Bettinger -
3.  KittyCooper's Blog - Blog by Kitty Cooper -

Useful DNA Facebook Groups:
1. User Group
2.  Autosomal DNA-Gedmatch-FTDNA-23andME-Ancestry-MyHeritage
3.  GEDmatch Lazarus Tool
4.  DNA Detectives
5.  Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques
6.  Genealogy! Just ask!
7.  Kentucky DNA and Genealogy-  (one I read, but look for YOUR state)
8.  GAA (Genealogy Addicts Anonymous)
9.  FTDNA User Group
10.  DNA for Genealogy
11.  Ancestry DNA Matching
12.  DNA Painter User Group
13.  DNA Newbie
14.  Genome Mate Pro
15.  DNAGedcom User Group

The four major testing companies in our presentation:
1.  Ancestry -
2.  FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) -
3.  23andMe -
4.  MyHeritageDNA -

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