Saturday, May 17, 2014

Note to self

The school year is coming to a close. Things are a little slower the last week and a half as we move toward semester exams.  I thought I'd post a large multi-page family tree on my classroom wall to share my hobby with my students.  I'd shared a few things from my research over the school year - my Salem witch connection, and the connection to the Lewis & Clark expedition by their food/booze supplier Elijah Galusha.  I thought those things would be interesting to ninth graders.  I quickly realized I need to make a note to myself before doing it again next school year.  Seems the thing they found most interesting was my BIRTH YEAR!  Sheesh - guess I'll take that off the chart next year.  I saw some students look at the chart then whisper to the student next to them.  I took the initiative when I realized what they were doing and said, "yes, those are birthdates (and death dates) on the chart."  Sigh.  One student came back to his seat and said "You don't LOOK 64."  I wonder what 64 looks like to a 14 year old these days?  I guess I should be glad he could subtract the numbers, after all it is a MATH class (Algebra actually).

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