Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not Genealogy, Not Middle Age, Just Life

2012, here we come........
She's engaged. November 23rd!
Date chosen - check
Wedding Venue - check
Rehearsal venue - check
Dress - check (she's so thrifty too)
Rehearsal dinner location - check
Colors/material - check
Hundreds of other things on the list - still to come, but doable. Postcards, invitations.....
Cakes/cupcakes/candles/menu/(chairs/tables/silverware - all included - check)
Graduation with masters - coming in May
Student teaching - underway
Mom still applying for jobs - underway
Ears have stopped working - what's hearing????? Sheesh..... Oh well.
Daughter - wanting to teach inner city kids, learning a bunch - some good and some different.
Son - farmer, goats, chickens, planting in the spring.
Son - ASL, scouting, raising kids (not the goat kind), software.
Life happens and it's so good to see all the children happy. Hooray 2012.

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