Sunday, August 23, 2009

New sprig on the family tree and back home again

We're back from seeing our newest grandchild - Vivian Eva Atchley, born 21 August 2009 in Missouri. Quick trip, but I'll be back there for a week in about a week.

Back to normal here, trying to catch up on email. After adding Vivian to my family tree data, I updated my software this morning:

Updated Legacy Family Tree (Update said to V7.0.0.103, but it was V7.0.0.107 when it finished):
New update adds blank census forms for England, Wales and Ireland and some additions to SourceWriter and some bug fixes. Other info for this update can be found here:

Updated Ancestral Quest to V12.1:
Looks like this update only added more features for those using Family Tree in the pilot (that would NOT be me). You can read more on that pilot here:

Updated RootsMagic to V4.0.5.0.
Looks like they fixed quite a few things and added some things. The update list is rather long, so here's a link to the things updated with this release:

I'm NOT going to update:
GenSmarts [my current version V2.1.1.71][so many of my sources have been typed into "NOTES" in the years past, so this program returns far too many "suggestions" for me to research. For instance, it might suggest I look in the 1860 census for an individual. I already have the 1860 census documented in the notes, but GenSmarts is looking for a particular TAG for that census and would have no way to "see" my information in NOTES. The information from this program would be VERY useful for a person starting out now (I started in 1977), who is using a modern software program (I had started out using PAF). I highly recommend it to new researchers, or those who have been documenting their sources religiously from the beginning.] As an aside, I just opened up the software and it gave me 40,820 suggestions. You can sort those by suggested priority, surname, date, geography and record type, but my goodness.....

I'm also NOT going to update:
The Master Genealogist:
my current version is V7.04
This program has terrific capabilities, but it always seemed confusing to me. I have an Information Technology background, and I STILL couldn't get into it. Those who use it, love it. I suggest everyone at least look at it when looking for a software program. It might be the one for you.

I WILL continue to update:
AniMap: This is the program I use to figure out changing county boundaries over time without have to pull my Red Book off the shelf.
I currently have V3.0 Release 3

Have a great weekend all...

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