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JOHN BROWN - Pages TB 60-61 Lyon County KY Lunatic Inquest Book



County of Lyon
March 17 1916

Versus } Lunatic
John Brown

This day J S Hodges Attorney for the Commonwealth filed an information as follows, to-wit: To T P Gray Judge of the Lyon Court: I am reliably informed that John Brown is a person of unsound mind and a lunatic (Lunatic or Idiot) and therefore ask that a Jury be impaneled to pass upon the subject.

J S Hodges
Attorney Lyon Court

Ordered by the Court, That E H James Esq an Attorney of this Court be and he is hereby appointed to defend for and on behalf of the person under trial.

To inquire, etc., comes a Jury, to-wit: M Tucker, Roy Kenady, Proctor Hollowell, Wayman Oliver, Louis Vogle, W J Wells, Lee Lady, Alli Byron, W Z Crumbaugh, J E McWaters, Isaac McWaters and J W Gresham. Who being duly impaneled and sworn according to law, after hearing the evidence returned the following verdict, viz: We of the jury find from the evidence that John Brown is a person of unsound mind and a lunatic; That the unsoundness of mind has existed since _____: that _he was born in Christian County Ky (State or Country) and resides in _____County and is 71 years of age; that _he was not brought into this State for the purpose of becoming a charge upon the Commonwealth; that _he owns _____ no estate of any kind; that his father is dead and mother is dead and reside in _____ and ha_ not estate _____ sufficient to support the person under trial; and said John Brown is not capable of laboring either in whole or in part for _____ support.

(Additional facts as per instructions of presiding judge.)

Proctor Hollowell Foreman

Brief History of Case by the Presiding Judge:

Age? 71; Color? White; Sex: Mail [sic]; Married
Occupation? None; Occupation of Husband? None; Habits? Bad;
Extent of Education ? none; Number and date of previous attacks? _____
What relatives, if any, have been insane, peculiar or intemperate? Do not know;
Duration of present attack: 12 mos.; How exhibited and has it changed in character no, has mad spells;
Supposed cause? Do not know; Any delusions or hallucinations, and if so, what? no; Subject to fits? no; , if so, how long and from what cause: 12 months;
Natural temper and disposition toward relatives: bad; Any threat, attempt of tendency to injure self or others? yes; Violent? At times; Destructive? yes; Cleanly? no; Periodic frenzy and lucid intervals and duration of each: about 3 hours; What restraints have been imposed and what treatment used: none;
Any injury about the head ever received? no; Any bodily disease from suppression of evacuations, eruptions, sores or injuries? no; What estate have the parents, husband or wife of the person under trial? none;
“Together with whatever else may be deemed material toward enabling the superintendent of the asylum to understand the case.”

Wherefore it is adjudged by the Court that said John Brown is a person of unsound mind and a lunatic; (Lunatic or dangerous Idiot); it is ordered that _he be committed to the asylum for the insane at Hopkinsville Ky., and that the superintendent of said asylum be immediately notified and directed to send for said lunatic

_____ Judge Lyon Court
Attest: N S King Clerk Lyon Court
Term Call; Date: March 1916
Book No. _____ Page _____

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