Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A EUREKA moment

I love AND I hate it when this happens.

I was looking for Homer Day. He was born 22 Sep 1899 in West Virginia per his WWI registration. I had found him in the 1930 and 1920 census. I couldn't find him in the 1910. According to his WWI registration, his nearest relative was Della Welch. Since he was only 18 at the time, I figured she might be his remarried mother. I looked for Rachel Welch in the West Virginia 1910 Census and the eureka moment happened: She was listed with a son INDEXED as HORRUN D DAIGH!! Looking at the census, it looks like HOMUR D DAIGH, and he's the correct age (11).

How cool is that?!!!


Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG said...

It's cool that you found them - shows your skill in researching, Debbie.

Deb said...

and/or dumb luck!!